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Stun Master 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight Purple

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The Purple Stun Master 3,000,000 volt lipstick stun gun with flashlight is secretly disguised in a decorative tube of lipstick.

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Every year, there are over 700,000 cases of aggravated assaults. Roughly one out of every five women gets raped every day. A wide variety of women could have prevented being raped or mugged if they had an appropriate weapon of self-defense. One option is a disguised electric lipstick stun gun.

A stun gun is a dependable means of self-defense for any woman. It does not require bullets, and it is not a deadly weapon like a gun. It is very easy to use, convenient to carry, and legal for self-defense purposes.

Stun guns with at least 2 million volts can penetrate thick clothing. They will not kill a person because these devices have low amperage. What the electric current does is temporarily disrupt the nervous system and paralyze the body. In just 2 to 5 seconds, a large man can lose all muscle control.

Mini stun guns like are even better because assailants would not suspect these items as weapons. A lipstick stun gun, for one, is concealed in a regular tube of lipstick. If a woman pulls out a gun, they would attempt to take it and use it against you. If you pull out some lipstick, they would not even bother until it was too late and 3 million volts of electricity were charging through their bodies.

There is no denying that a lipstick stun gun is also easier to carry. You can keep it in your purse or pocket, or secretly carry it in your hand, and the attacker would not see it.

Of the best lipstick stun gun devices is the Stun Master 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Purple Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight. While purple is a cool choice, you can also avail of a lipstick stun gun pink or black variation.

Color is not the only advantage of this disguised stun gun. Its 3 million volts can knock a strong man down in seconds. And it comes with its own charging cord, ensuring you never have to worry about buying extra batteries.

The purple lipstick stun gun comes with a bright flashlight. While it is helpful to let you see your path during a dark night, the flashlight is mostly useful for blinding an attacker. A sudden flash will surprise them and give you a quick window of opportunity to shock them in their most vital spots like the armpit, neck, or groin.

With its 5-inch stature, it is small enough to go wherever you go. It is simple to use with its two-switch functionality, and it charges to full power very quickly. The best part is its 3 million volt capacity that ensures you can defend yourself even against the biggest mugger, rapist, or attacker.

If you have never handled a stun gun before, do not fret. There are many lipstick stun gun video tutorials online. These demos show you how and why a stun gun works and why it is effective by explaining the science behind the device. And they show you how to properly handle the stun gun during an emergency situation.

This little beauty is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and includes an integrated charger. Under the cap there are 2 buttons: one for the bright flashlight and one for the stun gun.

The compact dimensions are 5" x 1" and this baby will really surprise the heck out of the poor slob who messes with the lady carrying this. Available in 3 colors Black, Pink, and Purple