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Trigger Stun Guns

When you need to be sure that you are able to protect yourself to the best of your ability, you will need to give yourself the opportunity to buy one of the Trigger Stun Guns from Safety Technology. These stun guns with flashlight are among the best on the market and for good reason. They allow you to protect yourself from a dangerous attacker and will make it easier than ever for you to feel confidence. You will be glad that you did because plenty of people have turn to these stun guns for an excellent means of protection.

One reason that the Trigger Stun Guns are so advantageous is that they are incredibly powerful. Each and every model has 18,000,000 volts and 4.6 milliamps of power. You will be able to use that much voltage and current in order to stun an attacker who has ill will towards you. This will protect you in a way that allows you to get out of harm’s way and contact the authorities. Investing in one of these weapons can be a lifesaver that you will be glad you took advantage of.

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In addition to those 18,000,000 V and 4.6 mA, these stun guns come equipped with a super-bright flashlight that can illuminate the dark in order for you to protect yourself. This 100-lumen flashlight allows you to make your would-be attacker visible from the shadows. Such weapons are superb investments for all people.

As well, the stun gun flashlight has a unique trigger design that makes it easy to hold and operate all the time. With this trigger shape and design, you can defend yourself on your own terms. And it will let you feel safe each and every time you step outside of your front door. That is a human right that everybody should have and take advantage of.

Trigger Stun Guns with Flashlight and Disable Pin

The Safety Technology TRIGGER Stun Guns come in a lot of different colors and prints. There are the Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Green, and Zebra, all very stylish but very functional. It means you can choose the one that really calls out to you. Plus, you can give these stun guns to friends and loved ones. Another of the great features is that they are so small and will fit inconspicuously in your hand, pocket, or purse. There, they will be hidden, out of sight, and out of mind.

Aside from the flashlight, one more of the features of this stun gun is that come equipped with a disable pin that is attached to a wrist strap. By having that disable pin on a strap around your wrist, you can prevent the stun gun from being used against you. Instead, if it is removed from your hand by the attacker, then it will be useless to them. You will be able to get all that you can out of the stun gun flashlight when you use it and bring it along with you on a walk or for your morning jog.

These are also ideal for college students. The rape and sexual assault statistics are alarming in terms of college freshmen, so this would be an excellent way for young women to protect themselves as they embark on a new time period in their lives.

Apart from the above, each TRIGGER Stun Gun even comes with a lifetime warranty. That means you will never have to concern yourself with replacing yours since it can be restored for you with the warranty. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy all that the brand has to offer you, as it is unrivaled when it comes to quality and security.

No one deserves to walk outside of the door feeling afraid and threatened. In order to turn the tide on an attacker, it pays to come prepared. These stun guns are not lethal but they pack enough of a punch to get the job done. On the Website, we will be more than happy to help you out and match you up with whatever you need, so get in touch with us today to see what we can offer. These Safety Technology Trigger Stun Guns with Flashlight are excellent in quality and will allow you to be safe and sound every day of your life.