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Stun Master Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun With Flashlight Purple

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The Purple Stun Master Li'l Guy 7,500,000 volts Stun Gun with flashlight and FREE Nylon Holster.

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Li'l Guy Stun Gun LED Flashlight Purple Holster Do not overlook the importance of a holster for your stun gun. Maximum protection against crimes requires your self-defense weapon to be just within your reach. When you think about it, there is no sense in carrying such a weapon if you can’t get it in time to fend off your attacker. By keeping your purple Li'l Guy stun gun LED flashlight in a holster and placing it where it is the most accessible to you, however, you will not lose precious time locating your weapon inside your bag. The Purple Leatherette Holster for a Li'l Guy Stun Gun is a perfect match for your stunning device. It is not your ordinary stun gun pepper spray phone case, as it has a heavy-duty belt clip with a ring that you can attach to your belt securely without worry it will be easily cut off or lost. Keeping your stun gun in a holster that is attached to your belt provides very easy access to your weapon, too. Another great thing about this kind of holster is that it keeps your stun gun in an upright position, ready for use anytime. Additionally, the stun gun holster made with deluxe leatherette material is attractive to the eyes and durable as well. If you were carrying your small stun gun with flashlight at all times, as you should, you would definitely want its holster to be able to withstand wear and tear. The purple color makes it look too attractive to be holding a weapon, and this can be paired with either the purple Li’l Guy or the one in blue, black, or green, or snake skin, flower, or animal print. Designed with the Li’l Guy small stun guns in mind, the holster comes with a magnetic clasp that can be easily opened with just a flick of your fingers. You can customize it into a mini stun gun keychain to hold your house or car keys along. The Li'l Guy Stun Guns, regardless of color or pattern, are a perfect fit for the purple leatherette stun gun holster, being lightweight and compact stun guns. They are convenient to carry, will not cause discomfort if hung onto a belt, and can be brought along anywhere. Stun guns have the capacity to emit an electric current to cause pain, temporary paralysis, and loss of balance to your targeted attacker, although they are non-lethal and perfectly safe to carry on your person. Flashlight stun guns, which come with a built-in flashlight, can be used not only to help you see in the dark but also to expose a lurking assailant, blind them briefly to disorient them, and guide your aim at them. A small stun gun flashlight is a great thing to carry for self-defense. However, keep in mind that it is practically useless if you are not able to make a grab at it at when the time comes. Keep your Li’l Guy Stun Gun in the right holster to increase the probability of stopping your target in their tracks at the right time.