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Lipstick Stun Guns

What do you normally think about when you hear the words 'stun gun'? For most people, the image that comes to mind is a handheld weapon, a menacing piece of hardware that sends a clear message to anyone who sees it: back off, or face the consequences. This is not true for all types of stun guns. There are more discreet ones, like the concealed lipstick stun gun, which looks just like an everyday tube of lipstick, but packs enough power to incapacitate a person.

It's an amazing feat for such a small package. How can a lipstick style rechargeable stun gun have enough power to hurt or incapacitate an attacker in close range? The answer is inside our own bodies. Just like our household appliances, humans run on electricity, too, but we use a lot less current. Our everyday actions and reactions are possible only through the passage of electric signals through our nerves, muscles, brains and tissues.

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Electricity is what makes our brain and its systems work. We always have a small amount of current running through our body. Stun guns disrupt that natural current with high voltage and low amperage. What this means is that a lot of pressure pushes the current, so much that it can pass through a person's clothes to get to the skin. It does not carry a lot of intensity, minimizing tissue damage while maximizing its disruptive effects to the body's natural current.

Ideally, the effect should be partial or complete muscle paralysis, albeit temporary and non-lethal. Sometimes, a stun gun can cause overexertion in the muscles, instantly draining a person's strength and making him or her unable to move. It is the perfect defensive weapon for any woman who wants a distinct advantage at any point she is attacked.

That's what you can expect from the Stun Master 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight. It even comes in pink, red, black, and purple. At 3 million volts, this electric lipstick stun gun can do the job that you need it to do.

Perhaps the best advantage of a mini stun gun disguised as a normal object is that, in the event you need to use it, you are sure to have the element of surprise. Without the obvious look of a weapon, a lipstick stun gun can be drawn out without alarming your attacker to your intentions. This gives you better chances at succeeding in stunning anybody who makes the mistake of attacking you. The less you are seen as a threat, the more openings you have for successfully stunning anyone.

As a bonus, you can even use this high voltage stun gun as a flashlight for illuminating dark, unlit paths at night, giving you the added advantage of already holding a defensive weapon. Remember that a lipstick keychain mini stun gun is a very powerful weapon. Don't be afraid to use it, but take every safety precaution if and when you do. You do not want to end up stunning yourself or a non-hostile.