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Cell Phone Stun Gun

Stun guns are very reliable non-lethal means for self-defense. However, using stun guns disguised as cell phones is even better because they give you the element of surprise. An attacker would not expect to be shocked since they would assume you are only fumbling with a phone.

A stun gun is quite simple but highly effective. It jolts the human body with a high voltage (strong pressure to push through clothing) but low amperage to avoid serious physical damage. The stun gun will then disrupt the electrical current in the nervous system, confusing an attacker and causing them to lose motor control over their body.

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This is the best selling cell phone stun gun . It is designed to look like a real camera phone, and it has 12 Million volts to bring assailants down to their knees in shock.

It is powerful enough to go through a half an inch of thick clothing. To make sure it is used only when necessary, it has a 2-level safety system. It first requires the safety switch to be turned on, and then the trigger button needs to be pressed for it to fully operate.

When the safety is on, the LED will light up. Even when it is off, you can still use the 12-LED cell phone stun gun flashlight to find your way through a dark road or room. The LED flashlight is also a good way of fooling other people into thinking you have a real cell phone.

Flashlight stun guns are useful for finding your way in dark areas, but they also prove useful while defending yourself against an assailant. Stun guns work best when they are hit the groin, shoulder, abdomen or neck, and an LED flashlight can ensure you hit those spots before the attacker hurts you.

Most people are aware of what a stun gun looks like, which is why those that are disguised as a different object like a cell phone are preferred since they can catch an attacker off-guard. This Cell Phone Stun Gun looks like a real phone so no one would expect you to fight back with it.

Holding it right, using the LED flashlight, and pretending to text or call someone, will fool any criminal. The moment they approach to mug you or attack you, they won’t see the sudden electrical shock when you hit them with the disguised stun gun.

Are stun guns expensive? You would think they are since they are used extensively in spy movies and action shows. In reality, they are affordable. With a small investment, you can carry a clandestine weapon of self-defense, and no assailant would even assume you’re ready for them.