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Stone Diversion Safe

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The Stone Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Diversion Safe Can Rock or Stone to Conceal Valuables

Did you know that hiding your cash in a metal safe or under your bed mattress is a sure-fire way of getting it stolen by burglars? Thieves will look for the obvious hiding spots, but you can now hide things in plain sight with this simple but effective safe can rock.

The Stone Diversion Safe has the benefit of looking like any other decorative rock, the kind you would place in a garden or around your indoor orchids. If you have Zen display in the house, then this rock can go there and blend in. If a burglar saw it, they would simply ignore it, looking for a more conventional safe.

It might be a small diversion safe, but it is far more effective than the heaviest metal safe in the market. No thief would even look at it twice. If they were to pick it up, they would still be oblivious as to its capabilities and figure it is only there in your home as decoration.

If you pick it up, you will also realize it is weighed just like a real rock. Its textures are altered to feel like the texture of a rock as well. This guarantees a burglar won’t realize it is hollow and might be hiding something inside. Only you will be aware that this is more than an ordinary decorative rock.

However, despite looking and even weighing like ordinary decorative rocks, there is a way to slide open its backside, revealing a hollow space. This is where you can hide your cash, watches, credit cards, and keys. You should always hide your spare car keys since some burglars will steal your car if they can.

The interiors measure 1 1/4-inches x 2 1/4-inches x 3/4-inches, which makes it more than big enough for you to hide your valuables. If the safe can’t hold everything you want to hide, you can get diversion safes wholesale so you can put them all together. Add in some plants and other decors, and it will all blend in.

It is essential that you keep this safe in a place where it won’t look suspicious. This means it should be placed in an indoor garden or even amongst your trash can and garbage. Place this in your garage or in the yard, and it will be completely missed by every burglar. They might walk right by it and never see it.

There are also other unique diversion safes if this does not suit your needs. You can find some diversion safes disguised as a book, as canned food, or even as a can of paint. This ensures you can hide anything of value in plain sight, letting burglars waste their time gaining nothing.

Burglars spend most of their time in the master’s bedroom, and overall they will only be in your house for 8 to 10 minutes. Keep your valuables safe by hiding them in plain sight using this diversion rock safe, an item that no burglar would ever suspect is capable of hiding something, such as cash or keys.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 3/4

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