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Steel Batons

Expandable Steel Batons for Sale for Self-Defense

Like many others, you must worry about getting mugged or attacked by a bunch of kids just looking for thrills, or worse yet, getting assailed by these lowlifes while you are with your family. You would want to buy a good, dependable self-defense weapon you can carry on you easily, one that won’t kill anyone but will drop even a 6’4”, 300-pound linebacker. For your safety and that of your loved ones, go search online for tactical expandable steel batons for sale.

Steel batons are metal clubs that are popular with cops and security officers. They are not only very capable of disabling even the biggest, toughest street criminals. They also let you defend yourself while keeping a gap between you and your attacker.

Telescopic steel batons are even better than fixed-length versions. Flick a telescopic baton and it shoots out to 16, 21, or 26 inches, depending on the length of your particular model. It is easy to stow away, too. In your car, keep it in a door pocket, the glove compartment, or a dashboard shelf, where it is readily accessible in a defense situation.

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Defense batons are so handy and effective that they have replaced traditional, bulky nightsticks in many police departments.

SafeFamilyLife steel batons are perfectly suited for concealed carry. Because they are collapsible, they can be slipped into a jacket or jeans pocket so they remain hidden until needed. This also puts surprise on your side, an important key to defeating an assailant. You can hide your baton in the top of your boot. If you want a tough, reliable steel baton made in USA, a SafeFamilyLife rubber handle steel baton is a good choice.

Batons are pretty simple to use, but getting training in professional steel baton self defense techniques makes this weapon much more effective. Even the best telescopic steel baton in the world isn’t very useful if applied incorrectly.

A steel baton flashlight gives this weapon an even bigger edge. You will see a target clearly at night and also blind them with the glare.

Truly effective defense weapons are both easily carried and easily deployed. Get a baton that comes with a holder or holster.

Policemen and soldiers use batons not just as weapons but also as tools – for breaking windows to escape when trapped or to enter a locked area. Batons can break the glass of fire extinguisher boxes or open stuck doors. You might not even have to hit a threat at all. Just seeing you holding a baton might be enough to scare them off.

While long batons give superior reach, the right length for you depends on your height, build, and physical advantages and limitations. The length you want might not be easy for you to handle. Besides, street attacks are often surprise strikes at close range where a short baton would have the edge over a long one.

You can resell batons online. Buying them wholesale from a drop shipper means the drop shipper will take care of delivering them to your customers.