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Sports Action Hidden Camera with Built In DVR

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The Sports Action Hidden Camera with Built In DVR is great for recording outdoor sporting activities.

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Detailed Description

Sports Action Hidden Camera with Built In DVR

The Sports Action Hidden Camera with Built In DVR is a sophisticated piece of equipment that allows you record your athletic activity without lugging around a heavy camera. It also keeps your hands free so you can use them for more important things. Let's look at some of the interesting features that the Sports Action Hidden Camera with Built In DVR has to offer, but first, some things about the manufacturer.

Sports Action has been around for a while, and they have consistently delivered high-quality athletic products. You may be more familiar with their supply of athletic clothes and sports watches. One of their latest products is this small, hidden camera that can be worn on your helmet or hat.

Spy Camera that’s Easy to Wear and Use

The dimensions of the camera are 3.5 inches by 2 inches by 2.25 inches. Overall, this spy camera is very small and lightweight. That is important considering you will most likely be wearing it on your head. It comes with a strap to attach to your helmet or hat with ease. There is also a user manual included that covers how to attach the spy camera in greater detail.

The use of this spy camera with DVR is extremely simple as well. You only need to press a single button to start or stop the recording of videos. The footage is stored on the internal SD card. The camera can be attached to a computer via USB to remove the footage or you can remove the SD card and place it in an SD card reader.

Battery-Powered Security Camera

The Sports Action security camera can be powered with only two AAA batteries. If operating the entire time it will stay powered for at least two hours before the batteries need to be replaced. AAA batteries are fairly cheap so you could purchase a pack of them that would last for an entire trip through the woods or any other outdoor adventure you might want to record.

You could also purchase rechargeable AAA batteries. These cost a little more than your standard AAA but can be recharged after use. This may be a better idea if you plan on using the camera frequently. It will save you money on batteries in the long run. Keep a pack of at least 6 so that you don't have to wait for your batteries to recharge to continue using the device.

Crisp and Clear Video from the DVR

The video recorded on its built-in DVR is very crisp and can be played back on a computer, televisions, or smart phone without missing any of the important details. It records in 640 x 480 resolution, which is good enough to get the job done, especially considering the small size of the camera.

The scope is enough to record a decent-sized area without moving around. Considering that you likely will be moving a lot when wearing this camera, you will have plenty of opportunities to point and record any details you think you might have missed.

16GB of Memory on the Surveillance Camera

The video is recorded to an internal SD card with 16GB of memory. 16GB are enough to record up to 10 hours of footage. If every 2 AAA batteries get 2 hours of recording, then you would need a pack with 10 batteries to fill the SD card full of footage.

Footage can be transferred from the Sports Action Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR to a computer via two different methods. The easiest option is to connect the camera to the computer with the included USB cable. It works in the same way as if you connected your phone to the computer as a storage device. The camera is working as an SD card reader.

Alternatively, you could remove the SD card and place it in an actual SD card reader. One that is inside the laptop or if you have an external card reader. There is no real advantage of using it this way, but it is an option if your USB ports are all in use.

This wearable camera from Sports Action will make sure you don't miss any of the important moments outdoors. Whether you are playing sports, camping, fishing, hiking, or doing something more extreme, it is a great camera to have and fairly priced.


Features: 640 x 480 video resolution, 2 x AAA Batteries (not included), works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory. 

Includes: helmet camera, helmet strap, 16GB SD card, USB Cable, user manual. Dimensions: 3½”× 2” × 2¼”

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