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The Splatmatic accessory transforms any .40 caliber blowgun into a semi-automatic paintball gun.

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Splatmatic .40-Caliber Paintball Blowgun Shooter Rapid Fire Accessory

There is absolutely zero doubt that paintball is a fun game. But it can also be a rather expensive chore. If you want to shoot friends and family with paintballs but want to do it without having to spend too much money for equipment and too much time for preparation, check out this paintball blowgun shooter. The Splatmatic is a unique attachment that can make the fun of paintball a lot more accessible to everyone who wants in.

If you are familiar with regular paintball, you might already know about its dangers. Getting shot with a paintball gun on a part of your body that is unarmored can actually cause bruising. Ambushing your friends and family with a paintball gun won’t be fun for anyone. This is not the case when it comes to this paintball blowgun for sale. If you want to play the family assassin paintball blowgun metal is the safest ‘weapon’ to do it with.

When you, your friends, and your family are shooting each other with blowguns converted into paintball blowguns (or even mini blowgun paintball guns), perhaps the only essential safety equipment are goggles, along with instructions to everyone not to aim for the face. Other than that, you can just have at it. That is perhaps the most notable difference between standard paintball and using blowguns – you can worry less about anyone getting hurt and just focus on having some fun.

How can you use blowguns for shooting paintballs? It all starts with the Splatmatic Semi-Automatic Paintball Blowgun Repeater Attachment. With this, any of the .40 cal blowguns available right here on this Website can be easily transformed into a paintball blowgun with instant reloading action. Choose any one of the available .40 caliber blowguns – they come in 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches. The smaller the blowgun, the easier it is to carry and fire, while the longer it is, the better range and accuracy it has.

You can also grab yourself a Splatmatic quiver, which is going to allow you to carry additional paintball ammunition. Carrying around plenty of paintball ammo means that you won’t have to surrender when you have been cornered into hiding for cover. More ammo means more backyard paintball action.

If you want to launch your own paintball battle at home, you can opt to buy ammo in bulk. There is a 100-pack, 250-pack, and a 1,000-pack of .40 cal paintballs available for purchase right here.

And when you have got all that paintball action out of your system, do not forget that the blowgun you are holding is an actual weapon. Just remove the Splatmatic, change the ammo from paintball to darts, and you have yourself a silent weapon which your enemy definitely won’t hear or see coming. That is why blowguns and darts have been used as hunting tools for ages. Whether for instantly killing small game or distracting larger animals, you can rely on this silent and efficient modern weapon.

Target shooting with either darts or paintballs is a great way to train your aim.

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