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Splatmatic Magazine Quiver

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You may also wish to add an optional Paintball Magazine Quiver set to your blowgun.

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Detailed Description

Splatmatic Magazine Quiver for Handheld Paintball Blowgun Repeater

Using a blowgun for paintball games can greatly alter how the game is played. Each game is now played carefully since you can’t fire in a rapid pace the way you can with a paintball gun. In order to be prepared and have all the ammo needed, you should have this Splatmatic handheld paintball blowgun magazine quiver.

The Splatmatic Magazine Quiver allows you to carry up to four paintball magazines simultaneously. This ensures that if one magazine runs out of ammo, you can still switch out even in the heat of battle. You’ll never have to waste time reloading paintballs into your magazine.

Of course, to use this, you’ll need a .40 caliber blowgun. These blowguns come in a variety of lengths, from 18 inches to 72 inches, and they are normally used to fire darts. However, with the Splatmatic accessory, you can now turn this dart blowgun into a paintball blowgun toy.

The accessory carries up to 20 standard paintballs. In a hectic game of paintball 20 ammunition will not be enough. By carrying this quiver, you are essentially turning a standard paintball blowgun into a PVC paintball blowgun with a faster fire and reload rate.

If you think 20 paintballs in one magazine isn’t enough, keep in mind that blowguns fire at a different rate than automatic paintball guns. This means each shot fired will be carefully aimed, avoiding the random rate of fire from automatic paintball toys. Of course, if 20 isn’t enough, there is the option to carry more since this quiver has four magazines in total.

The best part is that the paintball attachment and these additional magazine will not damper the blowgun’s fire velocity. It simply allows you to fire paintball instead of darts. With .40 blowgun paintballs in your hand, you can essentially knock someone out with a well-aimed fire.

But how many paintballs does it really carry? With four magazines in the quiver, and 20 paintballs in each one, you are basically carrying up to 80 paintballs at once. This ensures you can keep on firing in a hectic paintball match without ever having to stop and manually reload the magazines.

Being able to carry 80 paintballs at once isn’t just useful for people playing paintball matches. If you like to target shoot but don’t want to deal with the dangers of a dart, then this is the tool for you. You can even use it to teach your kids how to use a blowgun since paintballs are significantly safer to try.

Also keep in mind that blowguns are very versatile. With these magazines, you’ll be able to turn it into a powerful and quick to use paintball weapon, but you can also use the blowgun for self-defense, for hunting, for survival, and for other types of sports, such as target shooting.

Whether you use paintballs or darts, a blowgun is a very powerful self-defense weapon. The sheer impact of being hit by one of the ammunition can take out even a large home invader or mugger. When using darts, this blowgun can instantly take down prey at a distance, like rabbit or deer.

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