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Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Silver

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Grip your silver kubotan and get to protecting yourself.

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Detailed Description

Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Silver, Mirror Shine Finish

The Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Silver is manufactured of solid steel with a silver mirror shine finish. It is five and a half inches in length and could be attached easily to your keychain. The device has a somewhat elevated and pronounced tip, plus it features some ridges for a steadier grip. It is ideal for college students to carry in schools, campuses, parking lots, and anywhere they need personal protection.

Starting their use in Japan, these non-lethal defense tools are not regulated and are legal to carry in any state within the United States. Kubotans can be used against nerve points, soft tissue, and bony structures in the body. They are very successul because of the extreme pain and temporary paralysis that they cause.

The kubotan is easy to learn and is one of the most effective tools for self-defense. Even if you have no experience in martial arts, you can easily learn to use this gadget. This is why it is extremely popular among a majority of people out there. It increases the power of your strike.

You will not have to waste time learning to use the Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Silver. You can use it anyway you wish to. The stomach, solar plexus, arm, chin, and collarbone are good places to target with the kubotan.

A harder-placed blow with the solid steel keychain kubotan can easily break a bone of the attacker. This is why it is extensively used among a majority of individuals across the country. The product has been receiving quite a positive review on a greater part of online review sites and discussion boards.

While the kubotan is not particularly intimidating, it is an effective device for self-defense. That is why you need to purchase the Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Silver right now. This article provides information that you need to read before buying one.

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