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Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Red

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Grip your red kubotan and get to protecting yourself.

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Detailed Description

Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Red, 5 ½ Inches

Made of a solid steel construction, the five and one-half inch long Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Red is very strong and sturdy. A good defense tool should be strong enough to deliver disarming blows to an attacker. This kubotan is very capable of hurting any person who wishes to harm you in any way. You can get your hands on this accessory for a very pocket-friendly price.

The kubotan is essentially a non-lethal defense tool that traces its roots back to ancient Japan. The harmless-looking, handheld apparatus was initially designed as a training tool for Japanese police. Many years later, the kubotan has gained worldwide recognition due to its usefulness and effectiveness in the enforcement of public safety. Police officers and security guards from all over the world have embraced this non-lethal gadget because it is very simple and easy to use.

The fact that most people carry their keys everywhere they go means that they will always have a good defense tool everywhere they go. How cool is that? The Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Red is brightly colored, with a beautiful mirror shine finish. The accessory has a broad and slightly elevated tip. Also, it has ridges on its sides to facilitate a more secure grip. This means that you will not accidentally drop your key chain or kubotan as you walk around.

The Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Red is a very unique and clever combination of a kubotan and a key chain. Integrating a kubotan with a casual accessory such as a key chain brings about a lot of convenience and flexibility. You can essentially go anywhere you want at any time with your solid steel kubotan key chain in red without anyone questioning why you are carrying it around.

This multi-purpose keychain accessory can come in handy in so many occasions. You will want to utilize it to incapacitate an assailant.

 5.5 inch overall length
Bright color with mirror shine finish
Slightly elevated and thick tip/point
Ridges for a more secure grip
Solid steel construction that hurts any potential attacker
Great impulse buy

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