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Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Pink Camo

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Grip your pink camo kubotan and get to protecting yourself.

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Detailed Description

Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Pink Camo with Ridges

It is small, is easy to carry, and looks fantastic. And since it's made out of solid steel, you know the Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Pink Camo will last for quite some time. It has some ridges to make a reliable grip. The device that’s five and a half inches in length also has a slightly raised and evident point.

Guns aren't even remotely non-lethal, and they require constant training to use. Knives aren't all necessarily lethal, but that doesn't mean they're not deadly. The tool you're looking for is this Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Pink Camo! Really, any color of a kubotan works. This one is simply a wonderful color to have hooked to your keychain.

What are kubotan? They are weapons created in ancient Japan, and they're great for two things in particular. The easiest way to use them is as a fist load. Punching a person with an empty fist doesn't do nearly as much damage as people think, especially if you have no clue how to properly throw a punch. Adding a weight to your punch can make it do quite a bit more damage. Even if the weight is not all that much, it can still make a world of difference.

The other thing it is used for is to provide a great point of pressure. If you don't know how to apply joint locks or other martial holds, then simply jamming the kubotan into the neck or eye of an attacker can do wonders. It will hurt, which is all you need.

That said, if you have a solid grasp of martial holds, then you can already see how a kubotan can be useful. It will turn a simple joint lock into something that's mind-numbingly painful. Since this is a Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Pink Camo, the best part is that you can always have it with you.

 5.5 inch overall length
Colorful pattern
Aircraft aluminum
Solid steel key ring
One can protect themselves with a harmless looking defense tool


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