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Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Blue

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Grip your blue kubotan and get to protecting yourself.

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Detailed Description

Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Blue, Slightly Extended Tip

Most times, you need a non-lethal device that will help you keep yourself safe. You could get a gun, but not only are guns messy and loud, they have a tendency to kill people. You could carry a knife of some sort, but unless you've got the stomach for stabbing, a knife is next to useless. What you need is this Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Blue.

What are kubotan for? They serve two fantastic purposes in the realm of self-defense. First and foremost, they serve as a fist load. When you punch someone with an empty fist, unless you really know how to throw a punch, you're not going to do a lot of damage. However, by adding a bit of weight to your hand when you go to punch, you can do a good deal more damage.

The second thing it does is provide a great pressure point. If you're untrained in the ways of hand-to-hand combat, this can be used to simply jam the pointed end into an attacker's throat. That will do plenty of damage. If you're more skilled at applying holds and joint locks, however, a kubotan can be a great way to add a bit more pressure. That can turn the hold from something uncomfortable into something truly painful.

Go for the black or red colored, or any other color, really. However, the Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Blue is just particularly attractive, in terms of color. With an apparent and slightly extended tip, this tool is manufactured of solid steel. Five and one half inches in length, it also has some ridges to make a consistent grip.

And of course, being able to attach a kubotan to your keychain means you'll never have to be without it, as is the case with this Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Blue. It's a fantastic deal if you need a simple, inexpensive self-defense device.

 5.5 inch overall length
Bright color with mirror shine finish
Slightly elevated and thick tip/point
Ridges for a more secure grip
Solid steel construction that hurts any potential attacker
Great impulse buy

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