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Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Black

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Grip your kubotan and get to protecting yourself.

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Detailed Description

Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Black, Secure Grip

The Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Black is an excellent public safety tool that has been creating quite a buzz on the market. In fact, the kubotan has been in existence for generations. It originated in Japan by the person who trained the Japanese police. This is a non-lethal tool that is very effective as a self-defense weapon. Though it looks harmless, it can guarantee a hard hit to paralyze your opponent.

All of this is why you need to get your Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Black right now. Here is a comprehensive review of it. This kubotan key chain comes with some salient features such as:

. An overall length of five and a half inches

. Black color with a mirror shine finish

. A secure grip is possible due to the ridges on the tool

. It has a slightly elevated thick point at the end

. Solid steel construction to hurt a potential attacker

. An excellent impulse buy on the market right now

Kubotans are not regulated and are legal to carry in almost all states within the United States. They are designed to be effectively used against bony structures, soft tissues, and nerve points. The best targets to attack with these gadgets are the stomach, groin, arm, solar plexus, hip bone, chin, throat, collarbone, kneecap, and ankle. Kubotans offer an inexpensive and easily learned method of self-defense. This is why you need to buy this black solid steel kubotan key chain right away.

In conclusion, if you are searching for the Solid Steel Keychain Kubotan Black, you have come to the right place. In fact, it is also available in Silver, Red, Pink Camo, Blue, and White Sports. The kubotan has been in use for generations in Japan, China, and other East Asian countries. This read offers a comprehensive overview of the kubotan solid steel keychain self-defense weapon.

 5.5 inch overall length
Bright color with mirror shine finish
Slightly elevated and thick tip/point
Ridges for a more secure grip
Solid steel construction that hurts any potential attacker
Great impulse buy


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