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Solar Powered Dummy Camera Off White

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The Off White Solar Powered Dummy Camera is made with a quality ABS plastic.



Detailed Description

Solar Powered Dummy Camera Off White with LED

The Solar Powered Dummy Camera Off White product with a red flashing LED light is one of those fake camera that are going to go into place and become valuable security options for those seeking quality.

With this off-white solar powered dummy camera, a person will know they are in the right hands and are getting something that will showcase its value for a long time to come. Here is more on the product for those who are looking to buy in.

Authentic Aesthetics in a Solar-Power Fake Camera

What about the aesthetics of this solar-power fake camera? It has an off-white body, as the name suggests, and is made out of world-class plastic. This is not a flimsy camera that is going to break as soon as someone looks at it for the first time. It is made to last, and that is vital for those who want high-quality. When it comes to aesthetics, a person should be choosing this as their go-to dummy camera solution.

Solar-Powered Off-White Dummy Camera

How does it run for those who are looking to get things going? It is a solar-powered solution and can run on batteries as well in case things don't work out. The solar panels are sturdy and will be able to handle the 2 charged rechargeable batteries (included) so the dummy camera will run 24/7. This is going to keep things running around the clock for full protection.

The property owner and even the residents will know that the fake camera is not going to fade out when it comes to the flashing red light that will be turned on. This is vital as that is the only thing making this a useful solar-powered dummy camera. Otherwise, it might look like it has been shut off.

Durable ABS Plastic on an Off-White Camera

The durability of this Solar Powered Dummy Camera Off White product is not in question. It is made with ABS plastic that will hold up in all conditions. It does not matter how much pressure is being applied or what the weather conditions are (if outside). It is going to hold up with ease, and that is a benefit that can't be ignored.

A property owner who is looking for a legitimate dummy camera is going to want this in their possession as soon as possible. It has the power, durability, and quality to become a fearsome package for those who want perfection when it comes to their dummy camera solution.

Flashing Red Light to Warn Property Residents

What makes it authentic? A simple shaped camera is not going to do much, and that is a given. Those tricks have been tried, but it makes the camera appear as if it is turned off and that is not a good thing. Therefore, it is best for a person to consider this quality fake camera. It has a flashing red light to warn, and that is a difference maker. Any person is not able to tell whether the light is coming from a real or fake camera.

What more does the property owner require when setting things up?

Simple Setup of the ABS Plastic Dummy Camera

It does not take long to have this fake camera up and in place. The dummy camera has to go into position smoothly without giving off a negative vibe. This is why the product on offer is world-class, as it can set up in seconds. A person will not have to struggle to get the dummy camera where it has to be. It will remain elegant and efficient from all angles regardless of how it is being used.

The Solar Powered Dummy Camera Off White product is one of those nice options that will work as needed and will not get in the way. A property owner will feel confident having this in place all the time. Those who are tired of not being able to see magnificent results can trust what they are getting here.

The dummy camera has been tested and will pass every hurdle that is put in front of it. It is as realistic as it gets and has the durability to last for a long time to come for those who want to keep it in place for years.

 Available in black and off white.

Dimensions: 8 ½” x 3 ½” x 7”

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