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Solar Powered Dummy Camera Black

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The Black Solar Powered Dummy Camera is made with a quality ABS plastic.



Detailed Description

Solar Powered Dummy Camera Black Quality ABS Plastic

Setting up a CCTV surveillance system to monitor your home or office is not an easy task at all. It is quite expensive to install as well as difficult to maintain by an average homeowner. In fact, the cost alone can drive most people away. This is why fake security cameras, just like this Solar Powered Dummy Camera Black, have become so popular in this day and age. They are easily accessible on the market and costs only a fraction of the price of a real camera. In fact, the average homeowner will benefit from installing a fake camera in their home than not having any camera at all.

Since this fake dummy surveillance camera looks quite similar to the real thing, most criminal will be deterred by its appearance. They may think that your home is under surveillance. This can make them think twice before breaking into such a home. This read offers information on the most important advantages of installing the Solar Powered Dummy Camera Black in your home.

Black Solar-Powered Fake Camera with Solar Panel

A fake surveillance camera may look quite similar to the real camera, but it does not take videos. In fact, the biggest selling point for a dummy camera is its lower cost compared to a real CCTV camera. The real CCTV set-up may cost hundreds of dollars while you can get a fake security camera for less than $12 on the market. Also, the fake camera will not require wiring, monitoring, or regular maintenance similar to the real CCTV system.

A real CCTV camera system needs an experienced technician to do the wiring and establish the network. On the other hand, fake security cameras can be easily installed by any person who has the right tools for it. These cameras do not require their owners to record and maintain the system compared to a real CCTV camera. There are no expensive repairs needed by such a system since it does not contain any complex parts.

Many homeowners have found fake surveillance cameras to deter criminals from breaking into their homes. The appearance of the cameras deter the burglar or criminal from entering into such houses. Criminals usually seek easy targets, and they will not try to enter a home if they find that there is a risk of being caught.

The appearance of the fake camera will deter the criminal since it comes with a blinking red LED light quite similar to that on a real camera. Most of the time, a criminal will not be able to tell the difference between a fake security camera and a real one in a home. This is why you need to purchase the Solar Powered Dummy Camera Black to protect your property, valuable belongings, and loved ones in the long run.

Solar-Power Dummy Camera with Red Flashing LED

Fake security cameras come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. Some are made of metal while others are manufactured from recycled castings of actual cameras. You need to choose the right fake camera and install it in a believable manner to protect your home and loved ones from criminals.

The Solar Powered Dummy Camera Black is made of quality ABS plastic. It has a flashing red LED light that resembles that of a real camera. There is a solar panel on the top of the camera. It keeps the batteries charged so that the camera can function 24/7 without any issues. The fake surveillance camera operates on two AA rechargeable batteries that are included with the package. The product is available in black and also in off-white to resemble the real thing. Its dimensions are 8 ½ inches x 3 ½ inches x 7 inches.

This dummy solar-powered camera in black with flashing red LED light can be purchased offline and online. You need to buy the product from a trustworthy e-commerce store on the Internet, just like It will help you save a lot of time and money in the long run. You will not regret the decision of purchasing this fake black solar-powered surveillance camera since it will deter criminals and burglars from entering your home. Fake security cameras like this Solar Powered Dummy Camera Black have become extremely popular on the market these days.


Available in black and off white.

Dimensions: 8 ½” x 3 ½” x 7”

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