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Solar Oven Bag

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The Solar Oven Bag is built to be highly portable, it folds into a bag to carry and store your cookware.



Detailed Description

Solar Oven and Rice Cooker to Make Meals

There are too many ways that you may use solar heat to cook or to make a hot drink. One way that you may do the former is by using a solar oven and rice cooker for your meals. This makes it easy to prepare anything that you want to cook or eat. For example, you may avail yourself of a solar oven bag to make not only steamed rice but also steamed fish or vegetables.

Also, use the same solar oven and cooker to concoct a snack or an in-between meal. One instance is to make bread, sandwiches, croissants, pita, cupcakes, gingerbread, and muffins. Craft almost any meal utilizing a solar oven and rice cooker.

You will not miss your own kitchen more than when you are cornered in a difficult but persistence condition. With no gas, or your food cupboard in your home, you will not get into to the meals that you like or want to have. You can instead do with anything that is obtainable, like a solar oven and cooker for camping.

The solar rice cooker and oven luckily works with no gas. Like the kettle, it only demands a load of sunlight. You can cook for until 285 degrees Fahrenheit or 140.5 degrees Celsius in good weather. It will take more time than the usual, but with some planning and a smidge of timing, you can prepare some plentiful meals for feeding campers.

You may utilize a solar oven and cooker to bake or stir-fry vegetable ingredients like asparagus or zucchini or maybe pasta ingredients like penne or ziti. You may make some basil, creamy, or tomato kind of pasta.

It is even really a great way to cook and prepare food in a military camp without giving the camp’s location away, especially to the enemies.

How to heat for cooking with a solar oven, A solar oven bag is a feasible option for cooking with the sun. It is even nearly a smoke-free way, as wood or any other fuel will not be required for burned in order to cook. You just need solar power on your side to prepare a meal for everyone. Food must be heated for cooking where the sun is the brightest where you are.

All types of foods will be easy to create using this solar rice cooker and also solar oven. Make soup like crab meat and bird’s nest soup or shark’s fin soup, bread like discussed earlier, and rice such as glutinous rice, pineapple fried rice, or brown scented rice.

Use a solar oven bag for survival. Not only for camping, a solar oven bag like this one can be utilized at home, such as for survival or on the times when you do not use your gas or main electric stove. On those times, cook with this solar oven instead.

For hunting game for meat, survival gear like the Survival Knife or the Survival Knife with Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle can be handy, the latter fastened to a stick to form a spear. With the solar oven and rice cooker, you may prepare a turkey, a boar, or a lamb to your desire.

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