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Small Mans Advantage DVD - Bob Taylor

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Bob Taylor- Was born a little man with a smart mouth and a bad attitude.

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Detailed Description

Small Mans Advantage DVD - Bob Taylor

Lack of height is something that is considered to be unfavorable just about everywhere for men. When you look at different cultures, shorter men who end up excelling in their field will be proof that your height will not have to define who you are. The Small Mans Advantage DVD by Bob Taylor is made to help with an introduction to all kinds of counteractive factors making it so that your height is not going to hinder the ability that you have to help thwart off attackers.

Guys who are shorter can become the subject of a lot of bullying along with name-calling and mean jokes. Some of this can end up being more traumatic experiences for kids than adults. However, when you get into adulthood, maltreatment is not necessarily something that stops. A shorter man will also be likely to earn less money, get overlooked for promotions, have a tough time finding love, and even be targeted more often by attackers. When you are looking for realistic videos on self-defense, it will hardly get any more real than one made by a smaller guy who is looking to eliminate the height disadvantage for all men everywhere.

Learn More about Practical, Sensible Self-Defense

Nobody wants to feel as though they are helpless when faced with danger. This is the perfect reason to want to learn how you can defend yourself effectively. Each day, you can wake up wondering if this is the day that you are going to get burglarized, assaulted, or even threatened with a weapon. Even if this could all happen to you, there will be the underlying hope that you can stop it from going too far.

There are various methods you can use to learn self-defense. However, not many are more practical than using instruction fighting DVDs. They are very affordable, which means that you can get a number of videos until you find the perfect fighting style and instructors.

Instructional videos for self-defense are also not complicated and are meant to be easy for anyone to use regardless of your age or skill level. You can follow along even if not physically fit or completely unskilled in combat. The right videos will be able to make it easy for you to train in your own free time, either in your home or out at preferred locations. You can use them in a group, with one partner, or by yourself.

The Small Man's Advantage will give you very practical instruction, taking a fighting disadvantage and turning it into a hefty advantage. The smaller your stature, the better these moves in the DVD will be for you to use. There have been a number of highly trained fighters of smaller stature throughout the years, including Wing Chun, the trainer of much-loved Bruce Lee. He only stood about 5'4", yet his skills were unmatched.

You also have the ability to mix and match classes and instructional videos so that you can get the most benefit of working all of your skills. Signing up for self-defence class can be a bit difficult for someone who has a very busy schedule as the work that you put in can be grueling and tough to fit in. This is what makes the instructional fighting DVDs so helpful, for the simple fact that you can work on the moves on your own time and then expand into more diverse training techniques later on.

This Is the Advantage That Used to Be a Disadvantage

Smaller men may have been on the losing end in the past when it came to a fight in real life. However, Bob Taylor is here to make that a true thing of the past. Within his DVDs, you can learn all of the different fighting techniques that are just right for someone who is of below-average height and weight.

The skills will allow you to easily fight back and keep yourself from being the victim in an attack. Shorter men are also usually slender in nature or simply lack muscle. This will mean having to look for various techniques that will give you a strong advantage to an attacker, especially if they are armed with some sort of a weapon.

Bob Taylor was born a smaller male who was well-known for having a bad attitude and a smart mouth. It is only natural that he would work on honing his survival instincts to gain an advantage and make it so that nobody could get the best of him. He understood how important it was to learn the proper defense techniques and now his fighting methods are just right for giving you the proper advantage in a number of situations.

It has been a long time since Bob Taylor got over his height deficiency and today he is very seldom looked at as anything but an incredible street fighter with decades of impressive combat training under his belt. He also proved to be an incredible private eye and is highly sought after as an armed personal bodyguard for rock stars such as Aerosmith, The Who, and Led Zeppelin throughout the years. The DVD for The Small Man's Advantage is just the icing on the cake in Bob's wealth of experiences and a rich history.

This DVD has a total runtime of one hour and 46 minutes, filled from start to finish with all sorts of personal fighting techniques that are just right for the smaller male. These tricks will help you to master your skill and win over just about any size opponent. You will learn quickly how to compensate for your smaller frame and height and use physical measures that you probably never knew that you had.

Do Not Be a Crime Target

The Small Mans Advantage DVD is perfect for helping you to keep physical attacks at bay and give you the confidence that you need to go out into the world. Never let yourself be a target again and take these skills to make it so that you can step out with confidence and power that you never thought you had.

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