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Good Slingshots for Hunting, Defense and Survival Prepping

A good, sturdy slingshot is a deceptively powerful weapon that is often highly underestimated. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the shape of any slingshot can remind us instantly of childhood even when it is tactfully designed and constructed. For many, it is impossible to see, hold or handle a slingshot without also experiencing a dose of nostalgia. Don't let this fool you. Whether they are made of wood or aluminum, or high-grade plastic, good slingshots for hunting or self-defense will knock the target down.

What's the best slingshot for a beginner marksman? The answer depends entirely on what you want or need the slingshot for. Just like the more common weapons on the market, slingshots made in USA come in different types and models, each one designed for specific situations.

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If you become trapped in an outdoors survival situation, some slingshots can remarkably change your odds for the better. Depending on the skill of the user and the quality of the weapon, a slingshot can fire at speeds of up to 150 FPS (feet per second), enough to injure or take down small game. With a little practice, you can bag a rabbit or other small animals. If you end up near a river or stream, you can also use it for fishing. If your aim is good enough, you might even be able to shoot down some birds.

If you end up encountering bigger game that will tend to see you more as prey rather than predator, don't worry. The power in the rubber bands attached to most slingshots can be enough to disorient or scare away a wolf or even a bear. It's up to you to use that power wisely. As long as you know how to properly use them, even survival slingshots for sale cheap or wholesale can serve as basic weapons or tools for any outdoor survival scenario.

While you can purchase ammo designed for use with slingshots (like steel balls, or in some cases, arrows), these weapons can fire basically any object that's hard, heavy, and small enough to fit into the sling. Considering how silent slings are, any target of yours definitely won't see your ammo coming.

If you are planning on purchasing a slingshot for yourself, consider setting aside some time for practice, both for accuracy and safety. Find an aiming technique you are comfortable with, and keep training. A few minutes of practice each day can make all the difference between an amateur and a proper marksman.

Besides training for survival, camping, hunting, and self-defense situations, target shooting with a slingshot can be a fun activity with friends and family. Just remember to prioritize safety. There is no doubt a slingshot is a fun toy, but it is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a pro. In the hands of an amateur, it might even be more so. When having fun with these weapons, remember to handle them as you would a pistol or a hunting bow: with safety as your utmost consideration.