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Silver Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray

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The Silver Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray is pepper spray designed for women.

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Detailed Description

Silver Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray to Make Females Safe

When it comes to making females safe, pepper deterrents can get the job done and then some. The fact is that one any female can count on with gusto is the Silver Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray, which offers a great camouflage.

Self-defense technology is consistently changing. Nowadays, you will notice sonic gadgets, high-frequency strobe lights, and devices that may shock you from fifty feet away. Yet, regardless of how much change may come, the business standard is truly still defense repellent.

There's nothing less expensive yet more reliable for the average person than repellent spray. And, in case you are a lady, then you could disguise it if you have something such as lipstick defensive spray.

Lipstick pepper repellent is not any distinct from the average defense deterrent in relation to the way it operates. You push a button and then it will spray a non-lethal pepper mixture.

This specific type of pepper canister can spray until approximately 10 feet away. That grants you a scope of 10 feet in which to rid yourself of the goon who is hunting you.

The spray canister itself holds 20 squirts if each squirt were to go on for ½ of a second, or 10 squirts that are one second each. These squirts are half an ounce as a whole in every such spray canister of this lipstick spray.

Probably the main benefit of the Silver Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray is the component of disguise that it incorporates. If you were to reach into your purse or pocket and immediately remove a canister of something that is undoubtedly a defensive spray, it may well give a goon the time and energy to react.

On the other hand, should they believe that you are just putting on some lipstick, then the chances are they will have nothing to be concerned about. And their guard will most likely be down.

The Pepper Shot lipstick defensive spray can be had in silver and five more hues. There are correspondingly lipstick sprays in the blue, pink, lavender, black, plus red hues. Every one of these can halt the goon for nearly an hour.

One additional gain of this repellent spray is that it is frequently applied to stop animal attackers in addition to human ones. In case a stray dog is chasing you and ready to take a bite out of your flesh, possessing a canister of this defense repellent can save you from serious injury or even death.

Its non-lethal nature makes it excellent for defending yourself against animal aggressors. Nobody should desire to kill a pet or any other animal. This pepper deterrent assists you in fending the animal off without it having any perpetual harm.

The same goes for warding off goons. You will be safe, they will stay alive, plus you will have an opportunity to contact the proper authorities. They can them apprehend the goons and placed these goons in the slammer.

Apart from all of the above, the Silver Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray is considerably more affordable than even the cheapest gun.

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