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Security Scanners

Professional Metal Security Scanners for Shops and Schools

Handheld metal detectors are electronic devices that can reveal the presence of concealed metal, usually in the form of weapons, drug paraphernalia or other contraband. They are used in any situation or location that calls for a particular level of security - one that requires the detection of metal objects that may later be used for dangerous or unlawful activities. If you need security scanners for shops, schools, malls, concerts, supermarkets or executive events, you are on the right track.

We have a number of security hand scanners available, and we can attest to the quality of each one. How? They are all manufactured in the USA by a company called Garrett, a globally trusted name with more than 50 years of research and practical experience in metal detecting technology. Because of this, all of our handheld security scanners share some very interesting and highly practical product characteristics.

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For instance, they are all water-resistant and made for rugged situations. In a security scenario, you do not want to be held back by the presence of water or rainfall. Similarly, security guard scanners need to be able to withstand being knocked around. It's all in the nature of the job.

In security, it is important to keep things simple, which is why none of our products requires special tuning before they can be operated. Just insert the battery, and they are ready for use. Even for those who are new to metal detectors how to use them won't be a problem.

Each device comes with a notification for when it has detected metal. Depending on the model, the indicator can be a noticeable vibration in the device, a bright LED light, or a combination of both.

Don’t think that these products are all the same. They have some qualities that make each handheld metal detector a unique and special device. For instance, the CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster has scanners that are sensitive enough to detect objects inside walls and similar tight spaces. Whether you are looking for just your keys that have been missing for a week or bullets and other projectiles in a crime scene, the Pro-Pointer is the perfect tool.

The SuperWand, along with the Tactical Hand-held Metal Detector with Holster, features the tactical advantage of being a silent detector. Both can be operated with no audible notification that a metal object has been detected. Thus, only the person holding the scanner is immediately notified. It's for more sensitive situations that require discretion from security personnel.

For the SuperScanner V, it's a momentary push button that instantly stops the detection of nearby metal. This is useful in locations with a lot of ambient metal (such as ships or other large vehicles), allowing you to scan particular areas without environmental interference.

All of these products are compatible with our metal detector rechargeable battery kit, which already includes 2 batteries. Whether you're using the scanners in cars or for airport security, or to find gold and silver buried in the soil, carrying a spare battery is always a good idea.