Stun guns and pepper sprays, non-lethal self defense products, hidden cameras and surveillance equipment.   

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Security Scanners

Professional Metal Security Scanners for Shops and Schools

Handheld metal detectors are electronic devices that can reveal the presence of concealed metal, usually in the form of weapons, drug paraphernalia or other contraband. They are used in any situation or location that calls for a particular level of security - one that requires the detection of metal objects that may later be used for dangerous or unlawful activities. If you need security scanners for shops, schools, malls, concerts, supermarkets or executive events, you are on the right track.

We have a number of security hand scanners available, and we can attest to the quality of each one. How? They are all manufactured in the USA by a company called Garrett, a globally trusted name with more than 50 years of research and practical experience in metal detecting technology. Because of this, all of our handheld security scanners share some very interesting and highly practical product characteristics.

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