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Scotch-Gard Diversion Safe

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The Scotch-Gard Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Scotch-Gard Can Diversion Safe Hides Valuables in Plain Sight

The smallest objects are often the most valuable. A bracelet and a wristwatch would be typical examples. And they are the easiest to pocket. That is why make sure that these valuables are safe where no one can find them. A can diversion safe would make the perfect hiding place for these small objects. Hiding high-value stuff right in plain sight is the best way to conceal them.

If you leave small valuables lying around assuming they are secure just because they are in your home, think again. There is obvious risk of theft if outsiders regularly enter and leave your house, but often, theft is committed by trusted people whose presence in your home is normal in the first place. The babysitter and cleaning lady are good examples, but even your kids’ friends or a houseguest are possible culprits. Diversion safes are the solution.

You know of regular safes that are equipped with high-tech electronic combination locks, but what are diversion safes? They are the simplest but probably the most effective safes, too. That is because they look just like ordinary household or office objects so no one can tell what they really are and what is really inside them. Our Scotch-Gard Diversion Safe is a great example.

Can safes like this are some of the best diversion safes at hiding valuables because unlike standard home safes, our Scotch-Gard Diversion Safe blends right in with similar products. Even the most determined thief will give up because he won’t know where your valuables are hidden. Put the safe on a bathroom shelf, or in your bedroom, or even in areas outside your home. It is simply a container disguised as a household product with a removable bottom, and it is even weighted to feel full to be even more convincing to a thief.

This product would look equally at home in your office or other workplace, in your car, or even at the gym. Even if a robber opens your bag and sees the Scotch-Gard Diversion Safe in it, he won’t ever guess that this diversion safe could be holding a watch, necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry and will ignore it.

Conventional home safes may seem more secure than our diversion safe, but the reverse is true. Conventional safes draw thieves to them because they are obviously securing valuables, but can safes look just like canned goods so will be the last objects to interest any thief. Plus they even weigh just like their real counterparts when full, so no thief who picks it up will be able to tell what it is. And diversion safes are much cheaper, besides.

To make them even more effective, diversion safes should be placed beside similar products to make them blend in even more and look more convincing. They should not be located where they are out of place. Remember, thieves won’t waste time in your home and risk getting caught, so if there seems to be nothing valuable around, they will leave. Why would they look for jewelry in a can of silicone spray?

Interior Safe Dimensions: 2 x 4 1/2

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