Many models of stun guns and pepper sprays and other non-lethal self defense products, PLUS hidden cameras and surveillance equipment.          

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SafeFamilyLife Kits

Staying safe at home is just as important as it is when outside. In this day and age, home invasion crimes like burglary and rape are becoming more common. As a matter of fact, the FBI reports that a home burglary occurs within every 10 to 13 seconds. This is why a personal and home defense survival kit is necessary.

FBI data shows over 60 percent of burglaries were forced entries. A person is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes. Forced rape occurs every 6.3 minutes and a case of murder every 36 minutes. They can happen to anybody, which is why preparedness is a priority for survival.

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A personal safety kit or home security kit is designed to give a person or an entire household all of the necessary tools to stay safe and survive. Each of the SafeFamilyLife kits is designed specifically for a particular use since an emergency situation at home is going to be different than one in the office or at school.

The Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit is packaged to keep a person awake when behind the wheel, and equipped in case someone is trying to harm them while they are in the vehicle. The Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women helps women fend off sexual offenders and has items like pepper sprays disguised as lipstick.

And then there are the indoor survival kits like the Being Safe at Home Survival Kit, Ultimate Office Safety & Security Kit, Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit, and Extreme College Survival Kit. They all come with alarms for the doors, glass windows, and others, as well as pepper sprays for self-defense. They also come with diversion safes to hide money, data drives, and other valuables in plain sight, and a cell phone light you simply peel and stick on your device.

Door alarms sound off the moment someone forces a door open. They are loud enough to scare away the potential criminal but are also loud enough to alert neighbors. The same goes with glass breakage alarms.

Pepper sprays contain chemical compounds that cause temporary blindness, breathing difficulty, and a sensation of pain and irritation. They are often used to knock an offender away. They are non-lethal but they can put any murderer, burglar, or rapist down in a fit of pain.

However, having a set of alarms and self-defense mechanisms will not be enough. Include medicine and prepared food in your survival kit. This will ensure you are fit and healthy in order to stay alive while going through an emergency situation.

Survival is all about knowing what to do during an emergency and how to prepare for such instances. Each of the SafeFamilyLife kits comes with tutorial videos and manuals and free special safety reports, plus all the required batteries.

Preparedness kits contain drills, survival tips, and all the dos and don’ts to survive emergency situations. By reading these guidelines and practicing the drills, any person will be prepared for an emergency situation, whether it is a sexual assault at the office or a house break-in at night.