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Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Yellow

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Safe Steps clip on to the back of any shoe in seconds and provide visibility when walking, running or bike riding at night.

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Detailed Description

Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Yellow

Are you one of the men and women who like to do their jogging or sprinting just before midnight? Are you concerned about whether or not motorists plus pedestrians will see you? The Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Yellow can aid you.

Out there, you ought to dress in some sort of reflective gear or clothing. A few individuals, for instance, decide to dress in a reflective hat, shirt, or scarf, which will permit them to be observed more clearly on a street or close to a highway.

However, those might not be adequate. You might want to consider wearing reflective materials on your feet, providing the person seeing those feet moving up plus down a definite hint that someone up ahead is running at them.

That by itself is ample reason to employ these LED lights should you do a substantial amount of sprinting near or at the wee hours. A key motivation is so that other people might not struggle to look at you in certain spots.

Specifically if you are in the metropolis, there will be streetlights that will make you very visible. In case you are on a roadway that lacks adequate lighting, though, or you reside in a rural community, then it is critical to obtain the right reflective material on your body.

These merchandise are some of the more distinctive in the marketplace that can assist you in staying sheltered while out of your dwelling. They fit directly on the back side of your footwear and may be employed while dashing together with your dog or cat.

The clip-on LEDs are meant to adhere to the shoes of either grownups or kids. These specific units will reflect a yellow color although there are various colors being offered. These correspondingly appear in pink, green, white, blue, plus red.

Whenever you place one order, you are going to get a couple of these, one for every foot or maybe one for you and another for your pet or another individual. You can fuse two different colors, like perhaps yellow plus something else.

The Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Yellow will make it more effortless for folks outside to find you even in the shadows. These furnish you with two isolated settings, which are solid or flashing.

It merely depends upon which sort you feel most comfortable with once you opt to run while applying these versatile products on your shoes. In the event you are trapped in sleet or snow, you won't fret since these are entirely weather-resistant.

These would last you for numerous years and they arrive with the two CR2016 lithium batteries installed. When the batteries run down, then it won’t be tough to buy additional batteries so that things will return to normal again.

These items will increasing your safety levels. They are magnificent for locations such as streets, trails, plus campgrounds where it is genuinely vital to be visible.

Furthermore, the Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Yellow make terrific gifts to present relatives and buddies who might be jogging or sprinting together with you on a regular basis. 

•Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

•Weather Resistant

•Fits Just About Any Type and Size of Shoe Even Most Kid Sizes

•Flashing and Steady-On Modes

•Great for Campground

*Each Package Contains 1 Unit so you can mix and match colors. 

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