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Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Green

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Safe Steps clip on to the back of any shoe in seconds and provide visibility when walking, running or bike riding at night.

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Detailed Description

Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Green

Sporting reflective tape, or even reflective gear, might not be sufficient for jogging securely in the evening hours. Since you ought to be as visible as possible, you might necessitate a more suitable choice such as the Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Green.

That is right. You should look at sporting reflective material on your footwear instead. If you are ever running during the night, as your feet are moving down and up, then these can make it less problematic for anybody to find you out.

They are going to recognize straight away that you are running across the street and will do what they can to dodge you, granting you tons of room as they are passing by. There are plenty of reasons to invest in these truly economical products that may one day save your life.

Lots of people do not commonly like wearing reflective tape or clothing. These clip-on shoe LEDs are, nonetheless, so uncomplicated to operate.

These come in a number of other hues aside from green. One can correspondingly select from the hues of white, yellow, pink, blue, plus red. Green is genuinely visible, though, and will assist you to be seen without any big risk.

As well, folks enjoy how swiftly they could affix these lights to footwear. These are very transportable, letting you bring one or two with you while driving to some location for a few days, or while flying.

The LED lights are going to fit agreeably inside your luggage, plus these are so extremely durable. In addition, there are various other benefits to investing in the purchase of the Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Light for Runners Green.

These can present you with the maximum level of protection for your feet while sprinting at nighttime or in some gloomy spot. They encompass both steady and blinking modes. Some individuals prefer darting with the lights consistently on whereas others feel more guarded once they have strobe lights that are flashing on their feet.

These are suited to any kind of shoe, too. Whether you possess large feet or small feet, or if perhaps the LEDs will be on the footwear of a child, they are going to remain on the shoes without any problems.

If you do the majority of your dashing right after dusk, then these clip-on lights will aid you to be observed several yards away, giving you together with the motorist ample time to be as far away from one another as possible.

These are installed and prepared for use the moment that a person receive their package. Every light’s two CR2016 lithium batteries will last for a rather long time. These batteries, moreover, are straightforward to replace. Finally, if you do a load of camping, the LEDs are completely going to aid you in walking around during the wee hours while others could still view you.

You may stick to just the Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Light for Runners Green or you may fuse it with an unlike color. After all, every order will get you a pair of these clip-on reflective lights to fasten to your footwear. 

•Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

•Weather Resistant

•Fits Just About Any Type and Size of Shoe Even Most Kid Sizes

•Flashing and Steady-On Modes

•Great for Campground

*Each Package Contains 1 Unit so you can mix and match colors. 

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