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Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Blue

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Safe Steps clip on to the back of any shoe in seconds and provide visibility when walking, running or bike riding at night.

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Detailed Description

Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Blue

Do you wish to go running in the evening or early morning? If so, then you’ll necessitate merchandise like the Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Blue to guarantee your welfare.

A couple of characteristics of these items make them suitable for the requirements of folks who have to go outside their abodes in dim light or during the wee hours. These lights are clip-on products.

Each one of them ought to be fastened to the shoe yet is not likely to interfere with your scope of motions when jogging or doing other sorts of exercises. Each one attaches within moments. These clip-on LEDs are compatible with all types of running footwear.

There’s no reason to worry about whether or not they would affix well to your sneakers or other shoes. Every LED light is positioned on the back of a shoe, upping your visibility at nighttime.

Individuals who travel, walk their pets, or get to work or back from work at a late hour could gain from having one or two units of these products. As a matter of fact, too, the Safe Steps are not just merely available in blue.

These lights are offered in an array of shades – six to be precise. There, moreover, could be yours in red, green, white, pink, or yellow. Blue, though, would genuinely be noticed from a relatively big distance.

The Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Blue are weather-resistant – these can be put on even when there’s rain or snow outside. Both flashing and steady light modes are accessible for optimal visibility.

Every LED is powered by two CR2016 lithium batteries, which happen to be installed and operational once an item leaves the factory. Since every package that comes to a person’s doorstep holds one unit, one can mix plus match shades.

One likewise has the capacity to sport the light on one’s ankle or wrist if required. Each of these has a sturdy body that will ensure the longevity of the merchandise, an integrated grip, along with a lightweight design.

The lights are vivid enough to boost your visibility in the middle of the night, precluding mishaps. Their prime quality assures maximum illumination while the batteries assure numerous hours of continuous usage.

No assembly is going to be required as every LED has its batteries installed. It’s ready to use straight out of the box. Each LED is equally appropriate for women and men due to its integrated grip.

There’s yet another great advantage – the charge of each light. It costs cheaper than 10 dollars incorporating the two batteries vital to its operation. Every light consists of premium materials and will stay in an excellent condition for quite some time ahead.

This merchandise is lightweight to add to it not obstructing movement. It isn’t bulky and doesn’t hold any protruding parts that could render it as uncomfortable to have on. It furnishes plenty of versatility, and it can fit effortlessly just about every member of the family.

Comfortable, user-friendly, plus powerful, the Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Blue do a stellar job at every single turn. 

•Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

•Weather Resistant

•Fits Just About Any Type and Size of Shoe Even Most Kid Sizes

•Flashing and Steady-On Modes

•Great for Campground

*Each Package Contains 1 Unit so you can mix and match colors. 

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