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Safe Steps Arm Band White

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The Safe Steps Arm Band provides visibility when walking or running at night.

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Detailed Description

Safe Steps Arm Band White Aid If Sprinting

Undoubtedly an arm light band that is made for walkers plus sprinters to put on while they are sporty and frisky at nighttime is the Safe Steps Arm Band White. It features a LED light that may be set to a perpetual glow, or to blink, alerting motorists plus cyclists to your presence.

This band is made to be worn outside and is therefore weather-resistant, rugged, plus sturdy. It will assist you to be observed when you’re on a street or path, and warn motorists to furnish you with a little room.

The device arrives with a couple of CR2032 lithium batteries, which are pre-planted for it to be primed for being employ. In point of fact, the band can be found in many diverse colors. Apart from white, these are similarly available to purchase in the red, green, yellow, pink, plus blue colors.

It is tremendous for both children and grown-ups. If worn alongside other safety aids, say, for example, a reflective vest, then it will help to make certain that you’re noticed and will grant you satisfaction while you’re out of doors.

It is far from being a substitute for sound judgment plus basic safety and security insurances but it is incontestably a utilitarian accessory for your box of protective tools, and it's further economical!

Country roads could be dark and dangerous places. If there are no streetlamps and no buildings nearby, then it may become surprisingly shady through the evening. Many roads are twisty, and visibility is poor.

It is all too feasible for a motorist just to not see someone until it’s too far gone. A radiant light will caution them to your existence, plus an unshakeable flash is more prone to seize their attention.

The Safe Steps Arm Band White carries a bar that sheathes around the leg and then glows, having an elastic cord to hold it securely so that it won’t pivot or tumble away while you are promenading or rushing.

It could be sported on an unclad arm or on top of a garment so long as the garment is just not so billowing that it will plunge over the LED and shroud it. This tool is a stylish band, and it's effortless to dress in plus cozy, too.

One size fits most, and the elastic will stretch without difficulty. It could likewise be tweaked to suit smaller legs, plus it categorically will fit most adults and kids who happen to be of sufficient age to be outside at a time of day when it would be required.

It is then gainful for those children who have an extensive walk home from school on a winter night. It’s unobtrusive enough that it can be stored with no risks once you get to your destination, plus you can place it back on when you’re good to go home.

The variations of color signifies that it’s untroublesome to match the band with the rest of your kit, if that’s a thing that matters to you personally. There’s no need for safety accessories being boring.

They could be fashion ornament too, as the Safe Steps Arm Band White unquestionably is! 

•Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

•Flashing and Steady-On Modes

*Each Package Contains 1 Unit so you can mix and match colors. 

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