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Safe Steps Arm Band Green

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The Safe Steps Arm Band provides visibility when walking or running at night.

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Detailed Description

Safe Steps Arm Band Green for Sprinters, Joggers

Have you recently started contemplating investing in merchandise that can present you with more visibility in the nights? One item that you ought to own is the Safe Steps Arm Band Green, which can grant you with extra visibility on your feet.

This light is specifically manufactured for folks who are accomplishing a large amount of walking or sprinting at the nighttime hours. You might be jogging or running along a path or street and require wearing serious reflective materials on yourself to maintain your security.

Worn on the arm, this light band in green might be precisely what you necessitate having. You will appreciate its capability to shift from a consistent light to one that flashes. This can supply you with additional perceptibility while you are outside.

It can be utilized during emergencies. After all, who knows what could afflict you while you are darting at nighttime? The LED, moreover, is weather-resistant and can withstand a deluge of rainwater or a flurry of snowfall.

It can be employed in a number of methods. Aside from being sported on the arm, for example, some individuals enjoy wearing it on their leg whereas others have it on their ankle. If you happen to be jogging with your cat or dog, this is untroublesome to secure to their collar.

It will furnish you with more protection because each LED shines in darkness. The person or animal together with you will similarly be shielded even if they don’t have the same item on themselves.

For those who are wondering if the Safe Steps Arm Band Green is in fact far better than reflective items that can be worn, you must keep in mind that those other lights ought to reflect off of other materials before they could be observed.

The glow on reflective jackets or vests is, thus, chiefly going to rely on the sort of headlights that are on a vehicle coming at them and whether or not those headlights are saved to ‘bright’ or ‘dim’. In comparison, this product lights by itself, and it's much more perceptible.

It is likewise advantageous that you will be capability of fusing two colors on two lights as opposed to getting just one. So, one LED could be green whereas another could be any of yellow, red, white, blue, or pink.

Your unit can be applied to draw attention in to yourself if you might be lost out there or in case you have been injured. You can make use of either the flashing or consistent light setting. Other lights having similar characteristics will more than likely cost significantly more money yet this merchandise holds a minimal cost.

Nevertheless, purchasing a pair of these in one package will be a terrific way to safeguard yourself outside your own abode specifically from dusk until dawn. Every light will require merely two CR2032 lithium batteries.

Those batteries will remain for numerous years prior to needing replacements. Orders will be processed within 24 hours, after which these can be received within a couple of days.

The Safe Steps Arm Band Green will offer you ample protection whenever ambling or dashing throughout the evening hours. 

•Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

•Flashing and Steady-On Modes

*Each Package Contains 1 Unit so you can mix and match colors. 

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