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Safe Steps Arm Band Blue

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The Safe Steps Arm Band provides visibility when walking or running at night.

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Detailed Description

Safe Steps Arm Band Blue at Wee Hours

Do you delight in heading out during the night or early in the morning? Making use of the Safe Steps Arm Band Blue while you are out of your abode, particularly at the wee hours, is a superb option.

The warm and temperate climate that make states such as California plus Florida popular destination for tourists signify that a good deal is occurring every second in urban locations. Even after the sun has set, the fun continues well into the night.

Needless to say, you might find yourself out after dark for a variety of motives. Perhaps you like to rise well before dawn and acquire a beneficial jog prior to getting into the rest of your day. Maybe you have joined a yoga group that meets just after dusk in a nearby park.

Either way, you will notice yourself going around the local roads plus trails with minimal lighting. Fortunately for you, this merchandise is here now to assist with your safety requirements. It will fit practically every person and help show exactly where you are situated.

One of several concerns that a ton of people have when being out in the dark is that vehicles will not likely discover them. Ought you be walking across a road, sidewalk, or other public site, you would like to make sure that the motorists realize where you are and recognize that you are a person.

Do you relish taking your kitty or puppy outside for a walk habitually? Are some, most, or all of your trips late into the evening or early every morning? If so, then you can apply this device to aid in alerting others of your presence.

The Safe Steps Arm Band Blue is adjustable, which suggests that you will be able to secure a fine fit every single time. You merely slide your unit on over your hand and then slide it up your arm until it sits on the upper middle section of your bicep.

And then you should employ an uncomplicated method to tighten the strap and warrant that the unit is genuinely in position. This fantastic little arm band is simple to utilize straight out of its package.

Operating on two CR2032 lithium batteries, the light will continue to work for a long period before you must replace those batteries. Two lights are in every package that you will obtain, which means you won't have to agonize about it!

You may select either of two modes in which to operate the device: unremitting or blinking. Both modes could be applied whenever you are in a gloomy space out of your dwelling or at nighttime.

Even though obtainable in a blue hue, this arm band can be yours, too, in a few other hues. It is further obtainable in yellow, red, white, green, plus pink. Blue, though, is widely favored because it is effortless to see coming from a distance.

The Safe Steps Arm Band Blue is completely weather-resistant. With all the high humidity plus frequent rainstorms that occur, you will want to recognize that your gadget won't break down at the earliest sign of moisture! 

•Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

•Flashing and Steady-On Modes

*Each Package Contains 1 Unit so you can mix and match colors. 

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