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Safe Family Life Key Finder

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The Safe Family Life Key Finder has many uses. It can be used to keep track of your keys, wallet, or any item you misplace on a regular basis.

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Detailed Description

Safe Family Life 90dB Electronic Remote Key Finder

Have you ever needed something that you use on a regular basis, discovered that you misplaced it and could not find it no matter how hard and how long you looked for it? That is annoying enough even if it is the first time in years that it has happened to you, but it is most irritating if it happens to you all the time. But with our electronic remote keyfinder, you likely won’t lose anything again.

Do you know what burglary is? It is the unlawful entry into almost any structure, either a residence or commercial establishment, with intent to commit a crime. Usually that crime is theft, but illegally entering a building to commit assault or other felony is still burglary.

Physical breaking and entering in the crime of burglary is not necessary, either. Even if the culprit enters through an already open door, that is legally still burglary. The danger coming from someone who commits forced entry is not just that he is going to steal something, but he could do something even worse. It could be a home invasion. If you are the forgetful type who always loses your keys just when you want to lock your house up when leaving, a Safe Family Life Key Finder will help solve this so you can keep your home and anyone left in it safer.

This clever device secures small but valuable things that are easy to lose or misplace. Do you absentmindedly place your keys down on a table or anywhere else and forget that you put it there? Or maybe it is your wallet that you always misplace. Get our Safe Family Life Key Finder, and all you have to do is attach it to your keys or whatever else it is you keep losing, then when you need to find that object, press one of the buttons on the device’s credit-card-sized transmitter, and the Safe Family Life Remote Key Finder will sound a beeping alarm for four seconds.

Our key finder will receive the transmitter’s signal from as far as 50 feet away, and what’s great is it doesn’t even matter if the misplaced object is in another room or even buried underneath some books or sofa cushions. Aside from walls, the signal goes through materials like leather, for example.

It transmits a signal with a frequency of 433 Mhz and the alarm has a volume of 90 dB. The device comes with a small credit card-style remote transmitter and two key fob receivers. The receiver and transmitter even come with batteries provided. The receiver uses one CR2032 battery, and the transmitter uses two CR2016 batteries. The batteries on both gadgets can last up to a year, but of course, this depends on usage. Testing each fob once a week is recommended.

Security alarms are necessary to a home’s safety. These are usually door and window alarms attached to any door or window, but are sometimes high-tech devices like motion-activated alarms. Our key finder is one of the simplest home alarms but one of the most important, too, especially if you keep losing things.

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