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Russian Fighting System DVD - Vladimir Vasiliev

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Vladimir Vasiliev - A former-Russian super soldier in the elite Spetznaz secret service of the Russian Army (so well-trained in every aspect of combat that even the dreaded KGB were terrified of them).

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Detailed Description

Russian Fighting System DVD - Vladimir Vasiliev

In Russia and the former countries of the Soviet Republic, the Special Forces are known as Spetznaz. They are the elite division of the military and often outperformed the KGB and later the FSB. They worked in absolute secrecy, especially in the era before the USSR glasnost. In the Russian Fighting System DVD by Vladimir Vasiliev, secrets of the Spetznaz hand-to-hand fighting method are revealed. Even the US Military was not privy to these methods. You won't find another Russian fighting method video packed with more information than this DVD created by an elite former member of the Spetznaz.

Learn Fighting Skills and Defend Yourself

Before instructional DVDs became commonplace, the only way to learn how to fight was to pay the fee and attend classes regularly. This is great if you have a goal of becoming an expert in a particular martial art or combat style. In fact, you would need to find a master to study with, and devoting up to 10 years to training and learning the skills.

However, for most people, the goal is not to become an expert. Usually, the intent is to learn how to protect themselves as well as their loved ones from potential attackers, bullies, muggers, or thieves. Most people are too busy to attend a regular class. Additionally, the money is wasted if they realize that they are not happy with their chosen discipline after a few sessions.

With instructional videos, learning self-defense is accessible to everyone. You can learn the basics using these DVDs regardless of your ability, fitness level, and free time. Even the elite Russian fighting methods practiced by Vasiliev in this Russian Fighting System video are simplified into moves you can practice at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and with the family or friends you choose.

The DVDs have a high commitment for learning without the high commitment to a certain amount of time. They are affordable for anyone, no matter the income level - whether you are a blue-collar worker or college student, or even homemaker.

Additionally, if you are interested in more than basic self-defense, they can be a great resource if you are starting on a path to becoming an expert. They are especially helpful if you want to eventually branch out and explore other fields.

Effective Methods of Combat Your Opponent Won't See Coming

All instructional DVDs teaching self-defence show a specific approach to techniques used in combat, and this includes Russian street fight videos. This means that the actions are well-known, but each style and even fighter personalize the approach. Learning these custom styles of combat makes each video a valuable resource, so you can learn a variety of responses to particular situations, and your attacker won't know what is coming.

Instructional videos with uncommon techniques in addition to a unique personal style are even rarer, making them even more valuable.

Vladimir Vasiliev's Russian Fighting System is one of these rare instances. It will show you elite fighting methods employed by the Spetznaz, widely unknown in Russia, and even less known outside of that country. The techniques used are so well-guarded that nobody in the United States is qualified to teach these skills.

Vasiliev's method of fighting is also influenced by his personal history in the elite Spetznaz division of the Russian Army. The brutal method of fighting unique to Soviet-era Russia has become somewhat of a lost art with the fall of the USSR. He was not willing to part with the secrets of this pre-KGB organization, even when he fled Russia for Canada and the US military attempted to coax him to their side.

This ex-Russian fighting expert has memorialized his hard-to-master Spetznaz method of fighting in this Russian Fighting System DVD. It has a total runtime of 4 hours, spread across 3 videos. It would be difficult to find any other available self-defense video that is as impressive.

You can see in other Russian styles of martial arts such as Sambo and Systema that good hand-to-hand techniques are ubiquitous to the Russian style of fighting. The growing popularity of Systema style Russian fighting videos gives a small glimpse into the world of elite Russian hand-to-hand combat, but it doesn't come close to covering everything.

The skills taught in this DVD of the Russian Fighting method use techniques used solely by the Special Forces. It is impossible to learn how to perform these moves without being taught by someone who was formerly a part of the elite Spetznaz as Vasiliev was.

Hand-to-Hand Combat with Military Precision

The word "Spetznaz" is only used in reference to the Special Forces of the Soviet Union. It is sometimes used by the public and the media as slang for Special Forces in general, regardless of which country they are from.

Originally, the term was GRU Spetznaz, referring to Spetznaz from the GRU Gsh, the Russian agency in charge of military intelligence. In particular, they were part of the Soviet Army and continued to exist in the Russian Army. They handled missions ranging from sabotage to infiltration and even assassination.

The GRU Spetznaz came before the KGB, which was responsible for internal affairs, military intelligence, as well as secret police of the Soviet Union and the countries that came after it. Later, it became the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD). Their training has included unconventional methods of warfare ever since they were formed in 1949.

Little was known of the GRU Spetznaz or their intense methods of training by the public or the media until 1988 when Mikhail Gorbachev introduced the glasnost policy. Even today, not much information is available on the vicious yet effective tactics of combat used by the Spetznaz prior to the formation of the KGB.

The Russian Fighting System DVD of Vladimir Vasiliev will show you the methods of combat that have been used by the elite GRU Spetznaz of Soviet Russia. Even now, the Armed Forces of Russia employs the Spetznaz in their Air Force, Navy, and Army. Vasiliev himself was formerly a part of the Army's ground forces.

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