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Replacement Remote

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HA-SYSTEM Extra Remote



Detailed Description

105dB Wireless Security House Alarm Remote Control Replacement

This product is a house alarm remote control replacement for Home Safe’s Wireless Home Security System. Using the Replacement Remote for the 105dB Wireless Home Security System, you can control a comprehensive home security alarm system that not only connects to different types of motion detector alarms and vibration sensor alarms but can also auto-dial up to 5 programmed phone numbers through its base unit. It is a system that can protect you from the threats of home invasion and burglary.

Consider the fact that each and every home, no matter how it looks on the outside, is a place where people keep their most valuable, expensive items. Every home is vulnerable to being robbed. That is why every home needs a way to defend itself from criminal invasion. If you can stop criminals from acts of breaking and entering and/or trespassing, then you are already one step towards preventing them from escalating their criminal acts.

If you are aware of the fact that criminals are possibly roaming inside your property, you can prepare yourself, notify the authorities, or simply escape with your life – it’s up to you. The point is that if your home is rigged with wireless home alarms connected to an auto dialer, you will never be a sitting duck who’s unaware that his or her home’s already being invaded. Instead, you would be fully aware of the need to survive a burglary/home invasion, allowing you to immediately respond with whatever appropriate defensive action.

The Wireless Home Security System is possibly one of the best home security systems that you can arm your home with. This 105dB Wireless Home Security System Extra Remote is just a way to easily take control of the alarm. It is pretty straightforward: as long as you are within 20-30 meters of the Wireless Home Security System’s base unit, you can Arm the system, Disarm it, or make it Panic. When it comes to the question of how to program alarm remote control operation has those 3 simple answers.

However, the way the system itself works is a bit more complicated. It can wirelessly interface with a bunch of different alarms and sensors. This includes the Outdoor Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor, the Wireless Outdoor Siren (which can cause burglars to panic and flee), the Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor, and the Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor. Pressing ‘Arm’ on the remote prompts all connected devices to be ready for action.

Once any of the alarms/sensors are triggered, the base unit uses its auto dialer (connected to your phone line) to dial the 5 numbers that you can program into it. The person who answers the unit’s call will be given the options of: listening to what the base unit is picking up, speaking through the base unit, or just disarming the system. You can also hit ‘Disarm’ on your alarm remote control. If the called person does not disarm the system, or if he or she does not even answer, the base unit just dials the next numbers until all 5 are called.

This remote control for alarm comes with the necessary cell battery.

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