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Replacement Cotton Pre Filter

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The Replacement Cotton Pre Filter for the Mini Water Filter Pump.

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Detailed Description

Cotton Water Pump Pre Filter Replacement for Portable Pump

You never know when an emergency might hit. You might get stranded and lost in the woods while camping, or an earthquake might trap you in a building. To survive, you will want to have clean water, which requires a portable water filter and this water pump pre filter replacement.

Every survival kit is different, but the essence will remain the same: they contain the gear that will most likely guarantee your survival, such as a water filter, fire starter, first aid equipment, and tools to catch food. If you add in a water filter, then this Replacement Cotton Pre Filter should be packed in, too.

A water filter will allow you to drink the water coming from lakes, rivers, puddles, and stagnant sources like water in a drum. Those sources of water are often very dirty with mosquito eggs, dust, heavy metals, and dirt particles. Having a filter will clean those out so that what remains is clean drinking water.

Filtering the water comes in three stages, and the first stage involves the pre filter unit. A pre-filter kit will come with a new cotton sheet, which is used to cleanse the water from large particles like rust, sand, small rock particles, and others.

The pre filter sediment cotton sheet can and will wear out after repeated use. This can lead to your pre-filter getting torn, allowing large sediments to pass through, or it might clog. If it clogs, then nothing, not even water, will pass through to reach the second and third filtering stages.

Pre filter efficiency depends on how clean the cotton sheet is, so once you noticed the one in your water pump filter is getting black and dirty, then you shouldn’t wait any long and simply replace it. Otherwise, you might end up with dirty water despite going through the filtering process.

This kit solely includes the cotton sheet pre filter for the pre-filter container. However, in case you think the other parts of your filter are breaking down due to too much dirt, then you can also avail of replacement parts for them as well since the water pulp filter is designed to be easily repaired.

Using this replacement pre filter is also very easy. All you have to do is open the pre filter container, take out the cotton sheet inside, and place in the new one. The process is so quick and easy that even an amateur survivalist will be able to grasp how it is done in an instant.

As mentioned, the pre filter is only the first stage. The second stage of the portable water filter is the carbon fiber filter, which is responsible for filtering out smaller dirt particles and heavy metals in the water. The third and final stage is the medical grade 0.01 micron UF filter.

The pre filter and the portable water pump filter are also compatible with the Portable Water Bottle, which also comes with its own filter, doubling the guarantee that the end product is fresh and clean drinking water. You can even directly pump the filtered water into the water bottle.

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