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Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter

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The Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter for the Mini Water Filter Pump.

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Detailed Description

Replacement Carbon Fiber Water Filter for Portable Pump

When it comes to surviving emergencies, one of the first things that you need to be concerned about is clean and drinkable water. This carbon fiber water filter is part of a product and process that can ensure that you will have all the drinking water you need in case you are trapped in a situation that threatens the regular clean water supply. This Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter is for 1 of the 3 filters of the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump. Both are essential for having adequate clean water in times of emergency.

However useful these survival gear essentials are, they are only just part of a complete survival kit. Kits like this are designed to aid you in promptly, properly, and adequately responding to the specific threats and situations that can arise during a particular emergency. This is why a portable filtration system is essential equipment for nearly any emergency kit. Any emergency that is going to last for more than 6 hours, and at the same time forces you into a situation with no access to drinking water, is going to need filtration equipment.

For instance, floods, storms, and earthquakes are natural disasters that can instantly threaten the regular potable water supply. It would be prudent for you and your family to have a natural disaster survival kit that includes not just a Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter, but also a Replacement UF Filter and a Replacement Cotton Pre-Filter – allowing you to double the filtration capacity of the pump. You can also get the Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter, which can assist in the acquisition of clean drinking water for anyone who needs it.

This Carbon Fiber Water Filter is actually step 2 in the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump’s 3-step process for filtering water. Step 1 is the Cotton Pre-Filter, which is for the bigger’ particles like pebbles, dust, hair, and sand. After that, Carbon Fiber (this product) takes care of step 2, trapping disgusting odors, heavy metals, and even chemical residue. Step 3 is the UF Filter, the medical grade membrane and silk filter core of which take care of the protozoa and other harmful, biological agents in the water. Each water pump intake filter contributes to the overall effectiveness of the process.

You can certainly use the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump as a rain water pump filter. It can also handle somewhat questionable watering holes found in nature. In fact, if you are packing this water filter pump hiking can be a potentially fun mini-quest for sourcing potable drinking water from the outdoors. As you can surmise, the Replacement Carbon Fiber Water Filter, along with the Mini Pump and the 2 other Replacement Filters, can be highly useful not just during emergencies, but also for non-emergency activities like camping.

If you are camping or surviving with persons with sensitive digestive systems, you can run water through the system twice. This is also advisable if you are going to use the water for medical purposes. In that case, a Portable Solar Kettle might also help.

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