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Red Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray

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The Red Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray is pepper spray designed for women.

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Detailed Description

Red Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray That Shields the Ladies

Every lady should own at least one canister of the Red Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray for shielding themselves against crooks. After all, it's a hazardous world out there, especially if she is out and about in a bad neighborhood, works a swing or night shift, or encounters other odd situations.

If so, it should be a good feeling for her to possess this defense repellent or something similar to it on hand to shield herself from aggression plus hostility.

This lipstick deterrent spray is readily available in six different shades. There are likewise lavender, blue, pink, black, plus silver. Nonetheless, at the moment, we are on the red shade.

The red Pepper Shot is an OC repellent that can give a crook a potent wallop. All that requires doing is to take your lipstick out of the purse or bag to freshen your lips. And, suddenly, they would be wishing they hadn't messed with you.

With 20 half-second squirts or 10 one-second ones, its one-half-ounce canister furnishes a good amount of safety measures so that you won't deploy it mistakenly. It provides further a scope of 10 feet.

Thus, in all of that scope, you can impede the crook while they are a little far. You must not be too terribly in close proximity to them to fight them off.

This average, daily-looking lipstick case is an astounding approach to staying safeguarded wherever you are going. You will appreciate that it is convenient and subtle. No matter how risky the circumstances are, you will have a weapon at your fingertips.

By employing the Red Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray, you will hold time between five minutes to one hour in which to impede any crook who is chasing you. Every one of their mucous membranes will enlarge for one.

Their eyes, for another, will undulate and slam. The adverse effects will lead to inflammation, difficulty in breathing, plus temporary blindness for the crook.

While all of that is transpiring, you then ought to break away and relocate someplace that is more guarded. You could, and should, also call the law officials so they can restrain the crook plus put the crook in prison.

This defensive spray doesn't deteriorate after numerous years of sitting around, so it will be pretty much as good in a decade as on the day you purchased it. In truth, the effects that it has on crooks will go away over time without leaving any long-lasting damage.

Switch on the news on any given evening and you are prone to see one or more reports of cases in which an individual enjoys the advantages of having a self-defense product available to assist them in shielding themselves.

You can preserve this defense repellent inside your purse or pocket, hold it within the palm of your hand while walking or in a vehicle, keep it in a desk drawer, furnish one in your residence, plus provide one in your work station.

Do supply yourself with the Red Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray just about anywhere that you are going to be. It can genuinely aid you in maintaining your safety and security.

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