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Quart Paint Can Diversion Safe

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A Quart Paint Can Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything is in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Quart Paint Can Hidden Safe Diversion for Misleading Thieves

Burglars will look through every drawer, metal safe, and box you have hidden in your bedroom to find cash and whatnot, but they would never think of checking a paint can in your garage or one sitting underneath the kitchen sink. This is how the paint can hidden safe hides in plain sight.

On average, burglars spend ten minutes and less when invading a home. They only have enough time to search through the obvious hiding spots. A metal safe will be a primary target. However, the Quart Paint Can Diversion Safe can perfectly hide your valuables since it does not look like anything a thief would want.

It looks like a real can of paint. Some fake safe cans can be identified because they do not resemble products you can buy out in the store, but this one is designed exactly like the real deal. The labels even resemble that of a real Blackbear Paint product, down to its ingredients and warning instructions.

This is the advantage of home safes. You can place them anywhere in the home, and most burglars will ignore them. A thief is looking for cash or jewelries, not a can of paint left under the table or in the bathroom. They will completely bypass it, never realizing it is where all your valuables are kept in.

The design is so flawless even a burglar adamantly looking at the quickie can safe won’t be able to know the difference between this and the real thing. Only you will be able to know that it can be unscrewed at the bottom, revealing the hollow interiors. As a matter of fact, the interiors are large enough to hide most valuables.

Inside, the space measures 3 inches x 3 1/2 inches, guaranteeing you have enough space to hide your cash, jewelries, phones, credit cards, and even car keys. If you need a secure spot to hide anything of value, then this diversion safe is the perfect spot. It can even hide a small pistol or pepper spray.

You do have to place it in the right area though. If you put this can safe in a hidden box inside your closet, then a burglar might get curious about it and inspect it further. Put it under your kitchen sink or in the garage before you leave the house, and it will either be completely missed or completely ignored.

One good way of completing its disguise is to make it blend in with other items in your home. Place this can safe beside a lint roller and a painting brush, and it will really look like a real can of paint. No burglar would waste their time investigating it since they would be more preoccupied looking for loose cash.

Of course, if a paint can diversion safe is not to your liking, there are other diversion safe cans sale available. You can find others that resemble air fresheners, books, canned food, and even electrical outlets. All of these are far more effective than a large, heavy metal safe that is easy to spot.

Interior dimensions of safe 3" x 3 1/2"

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