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Professional Cameras

Capable and reliable cameras are the key component in any high-level digital security monitoring system. Depending on what you need them for, surveillance cameras come with a wide array of capabilities that can combine to provide the level of security that you or your employer needs. Any top-tier security system would be remiss without reliable professional security surveillance cameras. So, what can these cameras do?

Whether you need monitoring in the light of day or in the dark of night, we have you covered. Our pro-level cameras have the best CMOS and CCD image sensors on the market today, able to produce both high-definition videos and stills. These professional cameras can create images with more TV lines than usual, which means more vertical lines of resolution are used to produce the image, resulting in high-resolution footage.

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If you want to see the details as though you were there, even in low light or from long distances, our top 10 security camera brands have that capability. Some can switch instantly from color to black and white upon detecting low light, ensuring that no matter the lighting situation, your footage will be crisp and clear.

Our night vision cameras, especially when hidden, can surprise even the most cunning lawbreakers, capturing videos of their deeds and faces without them even noticing. Bullet cameras work well for this type of scenario.

Indoor security setups will benefit from a wired connection because it is easier to find power outlets for cameras and other surveillance equipment. The best security cameras for outdoor use are, of course, wireless cameras. Whether you are setting up video security cameras for home or work, if it is outdoors, there will be areas that require weatherproof cameras.

Whether indoor or outdoor, you can opt to have IP cameras that link directly to the Internet. This setup will allow you to view your footage instantly through your smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet. Imagine being able to monitor a chain of retail stores from a single device. As an added benefit of this option, when your running cameras are tampered with, you will be notified immediately because you will have a direct feed of what the cameras see live.

You can raise your system's effectiveness by adding certain features that may prove crucial in high-security situations. For instance, motion sensors can function as a silent alarm on the monitors, prompting the camera to turn on only when an intruder is detected. Cameras with audio can be installed in areas where wrongdoers may feel safe and able to converse with one another, allowing you to listen in on the would-be intruders before they make their move. You can monitor your entire lawn with a single wide-angle lens camera that is strategically located over your driveway. It all depends on the area you need to secure.

If you are setting up a security system for a bar, vehicle, school, home, or small business location, it is best to match your area's needs with the capabilities of the cameras and systems that you are buying.