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The PowerPack portable charger will give you piece of mind when you are on the go and need to charge your phone, tablet, or any USB charged device.

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Detailed Description

PowerPack Portable Charger with USB Port & Micro-USB Port

When you are out camping or going out for a ten-day hike through the mountains, a survival kit is a must-have. Otherwise, you would find it difficult to hunt and cook meals, build shelter, and treat wounds. Believe it or not but one crucial item that you should carry with you is a portable charger with USB port.

A PowerPack portable charger is not just going to be brought along so you can watch movies in your tablet or phone while camping in the forests. Some survival gear, such as cooking tools, still run on electricity. And this portable power supply can be the only source of energy while you are out there.

After all, if you have a portable cooking station that runs on either solar power, then this portable charger power bank will let you use it to cook your meals even during the night. You might be lost while travelling from state to state, and this power back will allow you to use your phone to call for help.

This is not a portable charger that takes batteries like a consumable AA to run; instead, it uses a 5000 mAh lithium polymer battery. This means it can recharge pretty quickly, allowing you to fill it up in just a few hours so you can use it to power your other electronic survival gear or items like your phone.

Right from the get-go, when you get this portable charger in store outlets, it will allow you to charge up to 2 devices at the same time. It has 1 built-in micro USB charging cable as well as 1 built-in USB charging cable. It also has 2 USB ports.

When the portable charging station is drained, you can fill it back up by charging it for 7 hours via an adaptor or in 12 hours when charging it through a computer. To know how much power the PowerPack has, all you need to do is look at its LED indicator which features 5 power levels.

The complete package includes the PowerPack charger, the built-in USB charging cable and built-in micro-USB charging cable, and the user manual. Considering you get this all for a very low and affordable price, it will be like bringing a whole day’s worth of electricity with you while camping but for just a fraction of the cost.

As mentioned above, this is one of the most essential survival tools to include in your kit. It is also compatible with the SolarPack. The SolarPack can be charged during the day via sunlight and can then be used to power the PowerPack when the latter runs out of energy and you are still out camping or hiking.

Having a portable charger designed with USB ports will allow you to use all your electronic survival gear, your phones, tablets, and emergency items even when the nearest wall socket is miles away. Keep this packed in your survival kit and use it sparingly, and you will have a much easier time out so you can just have fun.

Specifications: Input: DC 5V/ 1A, Output: DC 5V/ 1 x 1A, 1 x 2.1A,

Compatible: with most devices that use a USB cable to charge.

Package Includes: 1 x POWERPACK charger, 1 built in micro USB charging cable, 1 built in USB charging cable, 1 x user manual. The POWERPACK pairs well with the foldable solar charging pack. (purchased separately)

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