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Portable Water Gravity Pouch

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The Portable Water Gravity Pouch can be used to store your filtered water.

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Detailed Description

Portable Drinking Water Storage Gravity Pouches for Camping & Survival

However way you want to look at or address certain emergency or survival situations, one thing is clear: without water, there is no survival. That is what makes this filter water bottle with straw essential survival gear equipment. This Portable Water Gravity Pouch is a foldable high-quality plastic pouch that is designed to carry filtered water and keep it clean. Having this simple but useful device in your survival kit will greatly increase your ability to respond to real-life emergencies.

Potable water storage solutions are a must for almost every available emergency survival kit and corresponding survival scenario. Every survival scenario that is going to last more than 6 hours, or will directly threaten your access to regular drinking water, is bound to need the help of devices that either filter water from questionable sources or provide storage for clean water. For instance, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes are scenarios that both threaten water supply and have effects that can last for days or weeks.

Thus, for an earthquake survival kit or flashflood survival kit, you would need not just this Portable Water Gravity Pouch but also the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump (and its corresponding replacement filters, like the Replacement UF Filter). The Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter would also be a welcome addition to these types of kits. The tools to source drinkable water as well as the tools to store are all great additions to any survival kit, even if it is just a camping or outdoors survival kit that is not really designed for emergency response.

In fact, when you have these portable water bags camping can be much easier for everyone. Most of us can sometimes take water for granted because of its ampleness through modern facilities. But take those facilities away, and in a very short time, you will realize the value of the best portable water storage containers available in the survival market today.

The Portable Water Gravity Pouch is a lightweight, foldable, and reliable container for keeping clean water clean, even in dusty outdoor camps or stressful emergency conditions. It has enough room to comfortably hold up to 72 ounces of liquid. Its 18-inch hose makes it a lot easier to fill as well as to transfer water from its holding pouch. The hanging handle allows it to be carried easily or conveniently hung on a tree branch when you’re at camp.

The Mini Portable Water Filter Pump is a great complementary product to the Portable Water Gravity Pouch. While the pump itself is capable of turning questionable water potable, it features no built-in features for holding the filtered water. That is where the Portable Water Gravity Pouch comes in. It is a very reliable way of transporting fresh water, and will serve you well, whether you are just camping, or trapped in a situation that was created by a natural disaster or an emergency.

If you want to ensure that the water you are storing in the Portable Water Gravity Pouch is drinkable, you can run it twice through the Portable Water Filter Pump.

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