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Portable Solar Kettle

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The Portable Solar Kettle can hold up to 3 cups of water.

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Detailed Description

Solar Hot Water Kettle to Provide a Drink

Just like you can make a meal using a solar over and rice cooker, you can also use a solar hot water kettle to make a hot drink. Solar kettles, ovens, and cookers are some of the ways that you can use solar energy to create hot food and drinks. These are great uses of the sun to maintain life on earth. The portable solar kettle here is a good example.

People need water in order to breathe and live. Water is essential to people in that way. As well, hot water is a commodity everywhere. It is definitely a commodity in the cold, and it is also the same in the desert. Everybody want hot water to bathe in, cook with, and drink half the time.

You can survive with hot water to drink and use. With the sun’s rays where you are, you can change cold water to hot water. All that you require to do this is a kettle in which to make the change. A solar kettle is one such vessel, and you can use it to produce hot water for drinking and even for heating certain food and bathing.

It is not always OK to bathe in cold water. Certain people and people in certain situations demand bathing in hot or at least warm water. These include many of the sick and inferred. As well, it is the thing to do to stay well in many circumstances.

Aside from bathing in other of warm or hot water, people including lots who are sick use hot water to clean their wounds, have a half-bath, or clean the injured parts of their legs, hands, or bodies. In cold weather, it is good for anyone to bathe in warm or hot water.

Drink something hot with this solar kettle. Other than using hot water to bathe and clean wounds, you can certainly use it to drink hot water or something else hot instead of water. You can prepare your hot drink in this hot solar kettle. All that it requires is the heat of the sun in order to do that.

As long as you are somewhere hot enough for the sun to shine bright, this can happen. You can then use the sun’s rays to convert chilly water to fierce water for this purpose. With hot water, you will be able to churn out a lot of different drinks, from coffee to tea, such as latte, mocha, red, or green.

Other people are partial to milk or chocolate rather than to coffee or tea. There are also hot drinks like ginger brew or yogurt drink. Of course, aside from all these, you can also just drink hot water.

You also need hot water for cooking and preparing food. If you do not have even a solar oven and rice cooker, you can still concoct meals using just a solar kettle. With such a kettle, you can cook and prepare food that is hot or warm. Again, you only need solar power from the sun to warm your portable solar kettle.

By warming the kettle, you can make hot soup like corn, potato, fish and vegetable broth, green pea, and cauliflower broth. You can create rice, noodles, fish, and a whole lot more.

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