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Portable Mini Water Filter Pump

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The Portable Mini Water Filter Pump can be used for outdoor adventures, fishing, emergency relief, camping, scouting, hiking, and military or whenever you may need safe drinking water. 

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Detailed Description

Mini Portable Survival Water Filter Pump for Camping & Hiking

One of the most essential tools for a survival kit is a survival water filter pump. Whether you are hiking, camping, or testing your survivalist skills, you will need a tool that can cleanse the water you gather from the rain, streams, lakes, or stagnant water sources, so you can safely drink without the worry of getting sick.

Using this Portable Mini Water Filter Pump will guarantee that your water will be clean and fresh to drink, ensuring you do not end up getting sick due to rust or insect eggs in your water. The water system in your home is built with a complex filtering system, but with this, you can now filter on the go.

This river and lake water filter pump is designed to be portable for quick and easy use, which is why all the parts can be detached and assembled again later on, making it far easier to put in your survival backpack.

But how does this water filter pump for camping even work? The process is actually very simple but also highly efficient. The first step is to push the water through a cotton pre-filter. This will cleanse the water from large particles like rust, leaves, and dirt. All that will be left are the smaller particles.

The second step is to pump the water through the carbon fiber filter. This will cleanse out heavy metals and small dust particles. The third and final step is to pump the water through a medical grade 0.01 micron UF filter, which is even more efficient than the 0.02 filters used in other filters.

What you get after pumping water through all three stages is guaranteed clean and safe to drink. Even rain water can be dirty since the droplets pass through the air, which can be littered with dust particles. Even rivers can be dirty even when the water is clear. With this filter, you will be able to drink them safely.

All in all, this water filter hand pump kit contains: one carrying case to make it easier to bring with you, 2 hoses, an outlet hose, and an inlet hose inclusive of floater to maintain the pre-filter, and the main hand pump unit. Everything you need to get clean water on the go is right in one package.

If you ever need to replace any of the components, such as the pre-filter or the carbon fiber filter, all of those are also available here. Replacing any of them is a quick and easy process, so carrying a few extra when going out in the wild will ensure you don’t find yourself ill equipped for emergency situations.

However, if you want to go one step above, you can also avail of the Portable Water Bottle. The bottle is designed to easily carry water even when hiking or mountain climbing, and it comes with a mini filter, which will make your water even cleaner. You can also directly pump the filtered water from this portable filter to the water bottle, as they are designed to be compatible with each other.

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