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Portable Car Key Hidden Camera with DVR & Audio

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Looks just like a remote car key but is really a hidden camera with audio and a built-in mini  DVR.

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Spy Camera Hidden in Car Key with DVR, Audio

Covert, mobile, and body-worn surveillance devices employ certain disguises to remain covert. Sometimes, the disguise determines what you can get away with while using the device. In the case of this spy camera hidden in car key, you can get away with a lot. Because the Portable Car Key Hidden Camera with DVR & Audio looks exactly like a normal remote car key, you can bring it almost anywhere and take it out without drawing the attention of anyone who does not want to be recorded by a camera or a microphone. And that is not all.

You can leave this car key fob hidden camera in different places, letting you keep tabs on particular areas even when you are not there, all without raising any suspicion. How? Because people leave their car keys everywhere. It happens to the worst and best of us. This will allow you to record words and actions without interference from your own personal presence.

People talk and act differently when they think no one is listening or watching. This way, you might be able to capture some pretty compelling evidence. Just do not overuse that trick or you will get caught. It is best to use this car key hidden DVR camera with a little imagination. A bit of creativity goes a long way in maintaining discretion.

What else can this Portable Car Key Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR do? Besides being able to record audio, it can also capture footage in 640x480 resolution at a speed of 29 fps (frames per second). The pictures it takes are even crisper and clearer at 1280x960.

Its power source is a 280 mAh 3.7 V battery that can last for 2 hours on a single full charge. Before you fill up its 8 gigabytes of internal memory, you will need to capture about 3 hours of recorded material. When you do fill it up, you can view, copy, and delete the files by hooking it up to a computer via the included USB cable. The same USB cable or cord is used to charge the batteries as well as access the saved files.

Other than the mini spy car key hidden camera with built-in DVR, purchase also comes with this USB cable. An instruction manual is provided in case you encounter any trouble while operating the device. There is also a gift box.

Small hidden cameras make great body-worn cameras. This one’s dimensions are 2 x 1 ¼ x 3/8 inch. Because it has a built-in DVR, this device is ready to record the moment it is out of its box. No installation is required.

Hidden cameras with audio are not just useful for surveillance. This small, high-quality spy cam with mic is a lot more portable than many others and less prone to being stolen. You can also use it to capture fun moments during vacations, extreme sports stunts, interviews (which you can transcribe later), and any situation that can use a Portable Car Key Hidden Camera with Video & Audio Recording.