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Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap

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Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap.

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Detailed Description

Pointed Glass Breaker Baton Cap Impact Weapon Attachment

Batons are some of the most useful self-defense weapons in the world, which is why even law enforcement officers like police and guards tend to carry one with them. However, with a glass breaker baton cap, you can also use a baton for other emergencies such as breaking out a window.

Batons are non-lethal weapons when used properly and can be used effectively to subdue a criminal trying to mug you, rape you, or break into your home. However, you might also find yourself in a sinking car, a burning house, or trapped in a building after a severe earthquake, and a baton can help you out.

This glass breaker cap is a small attachment that you can add to your collapsible steel baton. A baton by itself is pretty sturdy, but some glass panes can only be broken with a sharp tip, and this Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap is the perfect solution for such circumstances.

After all, you never know when you might get trapped in a burning building and your only way out is to break a window and scale outside. By using a steel baton rubber grip with window breaker attachments, you can successfully break out quickly without harming yourself and without wasting time.

There are a lot of instances where a glass breaker might be useful other than breaking out a burning house. You might be trapped in a sinking car or you might be lost out in the woods. A glass breaker on your baton can help you get out of the car or it can be used as a building tool to make shelter and traps.

Of course, a tool like this is not just to help you get out of a natural disaster. You can also use this when you find yourself under attack. A steel baton by itself is already a good non-lethal weapon against a mugger or home invader, but with a glass break cap, it becomes even more powerful.

Some attackers might have a high resistance to pain, so even if you bash them with a baton, they still might be able to fight back. However, with a glass breaker tip attached to your baton you can now target their ribs, joints, and chest to break their bones and stop them in their tracks.

Keep in mind that there are three extendable steel baton sale options. The smallest extends up to 16 inches, the other extends up to 21 inches while the longest extends up to 26 inches. This attachment will work for all three. All three come with a nylon holster to hold a collapsed baton and you can keep this attachment in your pocket, similarly holstered to your belt or neatly packed in your bag.

Whether you are going out for work or a party with the intention of staying out late, going out camping or hiking, or just trying to stay safe at all times whether indoors or out, you should have this glass breaker attachment to utilize your collapsible steel baton at its full potential.

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