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Plastic Coffee Mug Diversion Safe Black

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The Plastic Coffee Mug Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Plastic Coffee Mug Hidden Safe Diversion in Black

Sometimes, hiding your valuables under your bed or in a locked closet won’t be enough. Burglars know where people tend to hide their important possessions. However, you can opt to hide your valuables in plain sight, right where they would never search, with this special coffee mug hidden safe.

The Plastic Coffee Mug Diversion Safe in Black looks like a coffee mug, feels and weighs like a coffee mug, and can be used as a real coffee mug. However, it has a secret compartment that allows you to stash your valuables inside.

Diversion home safes are designed to look like ordinary objects, which can be kept around the house like in a kitchen cupboard, behind the toilet, or in a bookshelf. Because of how ordinary they appear, burglars are less likely to investigate them. This allows them to be the perfect hiding spots for your valuables.

After all, burglars only spend roughly 6 to 10 minutes in a house, and most of that time is in the master’s bedroom, checking the usual hiding spots. If your mug diversion safe is kept on the kitchen counter beside a few real mugs, then the burglars might never even see it. If they do, they would ignore it.

Unique diversion safes such as this are designed to look like the real deal, and this coffee mug safe definitely fits the bill. Everything from its design to its handle seem like it was designed specifically for drinking. You can even take the lid off and pour real coffee in it.

However, the space for actual coffee only takes up half the space of the mug. The lower half is a secret compartment that only you will be able to access. By twisting the upper half off, you will reveal a 3 1/2 x 3 inch compartment, which is big enough to hide jewelry like watches, your car keys, credit cards, and cash.

It won’t be big enough to serve as a car gun safe vault, but it can be used as a portable safe that you can use on the go. If you want to hide things left in the car as you go pump gas, then hide them in this coffee mug and chuck it in your trunk. It will also prevent thieves who break into cars from stealing your cash.

This makes the coffee mug even more versatile since it works as both an at-home safe and as a portable safe. Just finding a portable safe for sale can be difficult, but this diversion safe circumvents the problem for you. With this, you will have an easy-to-use, portable safe even when you are in the car or in a hotel.

Of course, its disguise relies on being placed at the right place. If you tuck this coffee mug in your closet or under the bed, it will look suspicious. Put this on your kitchen counter or in a cupboard along with many other mugs, then it will blend in, and burglars will most likely never notice it.

Interior dimensions 3½” × 3”

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