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Pewter Mace® Pepper Baton

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The Pewter Mace® Pepper Batons provide low profiles, yet devastatingly effective aerosol protection against attack.

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Pewter Mace® Pepper Baton While on the Move

Have you been interested in your individual health and safety? Do you desire to have a method to be equipped for a prospective assault without needing to taking firearms classes? If so, then the Pewter Mace® Pepper Baton is the correct choice to suit you!

This straightforward yet stylish piece is not hard to take with you while on the move, and it will likewise be ready at a moment's notice in case the need arises!

This defense deterrent is manufactured to resemble a baton. While most certainly not the size of one that is carried legally by law enforcement professionals, it is in fact a genuinely yet smaller baton.

Its hue is either black or, in this case, pewter, which are the same hues as the legal enforcement professionals’ batons. Correspondingly, these pepper batons are also particularly inconspicuous.

The Pewter Mace® Pepper Baton features four grams of maximum-strength defense deterrent. This will furnish you with the capability to shoot out three shots toward a thug or numerous thugs, every one lasting an entire second long.

Consequently, you will find a greater ability to ward off multiple predators and then get to some safe location where you may contact the police force for assistance.

One of several wonderful features of this product is that the defensive spray will reach an extent of about five feet. This permits you to strike ahead of the thug gets amply close to put their mitts on you.

Even if they might get closer, you may still take advantage of this little defensive spray unit to complete the task while maintaining your own security! This Mace OC repellent baton includes a loop that can be installed onto it to practically anything, similar to a key chain.

You are able to affix it to your keys if you would like in order that you usually have it along with you. In that way, too, it will not be a problem to operate. You might further elect to clip it onto your belt, wallet, or some other location where you will be able to arrive at it readily.

This OC baton is sufficiently small that you could bring it together with you practically anywhere that you might want to visit! Now, you may well be concerned with what occurs if you wind up making use of it.

Is it necessary to throw it away afterwards? Absolutely not! One of the numerous reasons that this specific item is so well-liked is that it is utterly refillable. Because of this, you can replace the repellent spray once it has been discharged as an alternative to tossing the system away. Doesn't that sound like a far better idea?

This product also constitutes a great gift for practically anybody on your own list. Men and women alike can generate better reassurance when going for a run or otherwise be out by carrying around a container of high-quality Mace to work with should an incident occur.

You have the right to security, as does everybody else! This fabulous little device, the Pewter Mace® Pepper Baton, will help you to achieve that goal and at a reasonable cost!