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Pet Blinker Pet Safety Light

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Regular Price: $7.99

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If you love your pet you will love the Pet Blinkie. Pet Blinkies are vibrant, multi-color lights that attach easily to a collar, leash or harness.

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Regular Price: $7.99

Special Price $6.79

Detailed Description

Multicolor Pet Safety Blinker Light for Outdoor Use

Small, rowdy pets and the open road do not really mix very well, especially at night. Often, the combination of these elements can create dangerous situations. Unseen pets can easily get hit by speeding vehicles, and they are not the only ones in danger, either. These vehicles could swerve to avoid the pets but then hit pedestrians, other pets, or other vehicles, possibly creating a chain reaction of disaster. Don't worry – this worst-case scenario can be avoided, and the simplest way to do that is by attaching a pet safety blinker light on your animal companion.

Whether your dog is a trained and disciplined K-9 or just a valuable albeit goofy member of the family, the use of safety blinker lights for pets can give them the visibility they need to be safe on the open road. That's what makes these products especially useful for anyone who works alongside animals. Lit up rescue dogs could be easily spotted by handlers when they are sniffing around in dark, tight emergency locations. A guide dog would be doubly useful in keeping its owner safe and sound when it also functions as a safety warning light.

A Pet Blinkie is not just for your regular, everyday domesticated pets. If you need a reliably bright pet blinker dog safety lights can do the job. The simple clip-on mechanism attaches easily to most small chains or loops, allowing you to quickly attach LED flashing pet safety lights to nearly all types of pets and creatures. If you are the type of person whose iguanas prefer fresh air during the night, this is for you. If you are worried that your messenger eagle might get accidentally hit by whatever other flying object when it is soaring in the night, this might just be the safety device that you are looking for. Whether your pet is a lizard, bird, cat, monkey, snake or raccoon - as long as it is wearing some type of collar - these lights can be attached to him or her for safety.

These devices are small, waterproof lights that can be clipped on to certain pieces of clothing and/or accessories. There are a number of other applications for such a device. Anyone or anything who needs to be more visible in situations with either low light or complete darkness can benefit from it. This includes urban runners, outdoor explorers, roadside workers, construction workers, or pedestrians who just regularly walk along potentially dangerous highways.

When its batteries are full, the light can be seen from half a mile away. This means that it can also be useful in emergency situations. Whether you are stuck in a cave, floating in the ocean, marooned on an island or trapped in a dust storm, having a bright blinking light can reveal your location a whole lot easier.

Replacement batteries are also available. Remember, the effectivity of the product relies on compatible batteries. You can get some replacements along with your light to ensure that you don't run out when you need them the most. Available in 3 blinking, vibrant colors. Blue/White, Pink/Jade, Red/White/Blue

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