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Personal Alarm with Flashlight

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The sleek, slim design of this Personal Alarm with Flashlight fits easily into small hands, purses and even a pocket.

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Detailed Description

Personal Alarm Flashlight for Night-Shift Workers and Kids

On the Website, we have a ton of safety alarms with a key chain, a light, a door alarm, or other augmentations. And one of those is this here personal alarm flashlight that you can bring with yourself everywhere that you go. It is a great mini alarm with flashlight for night-shift workers, real estate employees, kids, and everyone else.

The Personal Alarm with Flashlight is your companion for secure traveling whether next door or in a different city or state. It is a very inexpensive but valuable device to obtain your safety at all times. With this safety alarm that has a light, you will not be a sitting duck for robbers or muggles at any time and in any place.

This is a personal security alarms for night employees and real estate people.

We have a load of personal security alarms on the site that can be used by night employees, realty people, and everybody else. Among the personal alarms with a tactical light that we give out is this one that really anyone at all can utilize anytime. In most cases, it is the only weapon that you need to save yourself from the clutches of a bad person.

In order to set the alarm on, you first ought to initiate the pin it has that is linked up to a wrist strap. The wrist strap is almost always on your arm while the alarm is in your hand.

You just disconnect the pin from the wrist band. And then the security alarm will sound at an ear-splitting 130dB wherever you may be.

The personal alarm alone will be sufficient in arming you against aggressors, but there is more to it. This alarm even has its own flashlight.

This personal alarm with a light fits small hands. The personal alarm has a light that you can use just by itself or in tandem with the 130dB alarm. The flashlight is helpful in any dark, dingy, or squalid space that is out there.

For instance, the safety flashlight can serve you in a dingy parking space. Nearly anywhere, even in or close to the most lit buildings, there are always dark parking lots. When you enter a dark or drab building, workplace, or house, the light can do those same things for you.

Now, if there are assailants where you are, then you can utilize the flashlight on its own or beside the security alarm to get out of that place.

It is a mini alarm with flashlight for children and travel. The 130dB mini alarm with flashlight has a sleek, slim design that is good for everybody. For travel, its thin and trim shape makes it a remarkable protection gadget to have in airplanes and boats.

It can fit with no trouble in any hand, even into a small hand. You may also put it in a pocket, a purse, or a little bag.

This Personal Alarm with Flashlight is awesome for children of almost any age, even the young ones down to the teenagers. Kids cannot be caught dead with a weapon, but they can hold a device that is both a flashlight and an alarm.

The product’s dimensions are 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.5.

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