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WildFire 1/2 oz Pepper Spray - Blue

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The WildFire 1/2 oz Pepper Spray - Blue has been proven to be the hottest pepper spray by independent laboratory testing.(SHU).

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Detailed Description

WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Blue besides Persecutors

Security and safety are things that you ought never to take for granted. Besides bullies plus persecutors, you should safeguard yourself by employing a staggering personal protection device just like the WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Blue.

Even though you may not really be facing any life-threatening situation, it is advisable to stay guarded constantly. This is where a non-lethal self-defense tool such as pepper deterrent can come in handy.

Repellent sprays are likewise known by their chemical name - oleoresin capsicum, or OC. It is an inflammatory agent that is created using different hot pepper plants. It is natural plus non-toxic and will not render any perpetual hurt to a violent person.

Thus, pepper deterrents are permitted to be carried as self-defense weapons in all states in America. When sprayed into the eyes and face, these deterrents can aggravate the mucous membranes and make it tough to breathe properly for several minutes.

The veins of the eyes will also be exacerbated. So, the eyes will tear up, and it will be hard for the violent person to open their eyes at the same period. You will find different strengths of pepper products that could prolong this period of inflammation on the person.

It is possible to break out of the clutches of the violent person during such time. You should go somewhere more shielded plus require emergency assistance. The law enforcement cops would slow them up and have the capacity to incarcerate them.

The strength of the repellent spray is vital when selecting one. Be certain the item has ample potency to hold the violent person down for numerous moments at a minimum for you to buy some time for everything you require doing.

The WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Blue is an 18% OC repellent having a key chain plus a belt clip so that you would be able to bring it on your body wherever you are going. With its safety lock, you won’t spray the repellent by chance without wanting to.

This OC repellent supplies its own colored injection-molded poly holster. Aside from blue, the colored holder can be had in a shade of red, pink, or black. Quite hot with 3 million Scoville heat units (SHU), it is spicier than the habanero chili, which has a grade of merely 100,000 to 350,000 similar heat units.

The scope of this defensive spray is 6 to 8 feet. It can furnishes 6 until 10 one-second spurts in this entire safe yet reasonable scope wherein to spray the extract. You don’t require being totally near the violent person to obstruct them.

OC repellents are wonderful gadgets that are extremely popular with a majority of people across the nation nowadays. The chemical irritant in them is rather successful when applied in the correct manner.

Any individual who commutes late in the evening or early in the morning on a regular basis should purchase a startling self-defense tool to shield them besides all sorts of crime and brutality. That tool could certainly be the WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Blue, which you can procure at the Revere Security site.

Available in red, blue, pink and black

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