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Practice Pepper Spray

Inert Practice Pepper Spray for Better Defense Tactics

What good is a finely crafted longbow (and its perfectly whittled arrows) without the hands, eyes, and timing of a trained archer? The same can be asked about your pepper spray dispenser. You can equip yourself with the most potent pepper spray in the world. You can even keep it in a personalized holster customized to your body, designed for quick drawing action. However, when the time comes to use your pepper spray, can you say that you are 100% prepared to jump into action? How many seconds is it going to take you to take your spray out, aim it in the right direction, and fire? Can you accurately hit a target from a safe distance? That is where some inert practice pepper spray comes into the picture.

Pepper spray practice is a must if you plan on handling this highly potent substance for self-defense. Without practice, you might end up using the chemical on yourself or on non-hostile bystanders, leaving yourself defenseless in the event of an attack. It is only right to arm yourself with information that's related to the use and handling of pepper spray, starting with the basics.

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The chemical responsible for pepper spray's stopping power, OC or oleoresin capsicum is a derivative of the compound that makes habanero peppers feel like a live fire in the mouth of anyone who ingests them. Pepper spray manufacturers have essentially weaponized the chili pepper.

Formulated at 10, 15, and 18% OC, commercial pepper sprays can fire a dose of pain that can deliver 4 or 5 million SHUs or Scoville Heat Units, the chemical measurement used to determine how hot peppers and other substances are. Comparatively, the Asian pepper called 'bhut jolokia,' known as the hottest naturally grown vegetable on Earth, is only at 1 million SHU. Now that you know how much power you hold in a single dispenser of live pepper spray, you are more than ready to learn how to handle them through the use of inert sprays.

If you get enough inert spray practice pepper spray will be pretty easy to use. You should choose a practice OC spray with the same delivery method (fog or stream) as the live pepper spray that you are planning to arm yourself with. The Water Based Inert Fogger Defensive Spray, which comes in 2 oz. containers, releases a fog that mimics the fogger mechanism of actual pepper OC sprays. The Water Based Inert Stream Defensive Spray, which comes in either 2 oz. or 1/2 oz. containers, releases a continuous stream of water.

While both are water-based, you still should not spray them on people's faces because the water is pressurized through the use of nitrogen, which can cause burning and irritation upon contact with the skin.

The ability to competently handle your chosen weapon of self-defense makes all the difference between being a victim and being someone who has a fighting chance in the event of a life-threatening situation. Practice not just to improve your aim, but also your confidence in the face of danger.